Scott Boras Clients Matt Chapman, Cody Bellinger Settle for Short-Term Deals

In a surprising turn of events this offseason, two of super-agent Scott Boras’ top clients, third baseman Matt Chapman and outfielder Cody Bellinger, have opted for short-term deals with their respective teams. The deals, while significant, fall short of the hefty contracts many anticipated for these star players.

Chapman, a defensive stalwart at third base, has inked a 3-year, $54 million agreement with the San Francisco Giants. The contract includes provisions for Chapman to terminate the deal after the first or second year, providing him with flexibility should he seek a more lucrative deal in the future. Under the terms, Chapman is slated to earn $20 million in 2024, $18 million in 2025, and $16 million in 2026.

Similarly, Bellinger recently agreed to a 3-year, $80 million contract with the Chicago Cubs. Like Chapman’s deal, Bellinger’s contract offers him the option to terminate after each year, granting him the opportunity to reassess his situation in a potentially more favorable market.

These deals mark a departure from the traditional long-term contracts often associated with Boras’ top-tier clients. The decision to opt for shorter commitments reflects the current state of the MLB market, which has not materialized as anticipated, leaving many high-profile free agents unsigned as spring training gets underway.

Despite the shorter terms, both Chapman and Bellinger stand to make substantial earnings over the duration of their contracts. However, their willingness to forego long-term security suggests a calculated gamble on their part, betting on their ability to capitalize on future opportunities in a potentially more lucrative market landscape.

The Giants, eager to bolster their roster this offseason, have been particularly active in the free-agent market. In addition to Chapman, they’ve added a slew of notable names including Jung-Hoo Lee, Robbie Ray, Jordan Hicks, Tom Murphy, and Jorge Soler, signaling their intent to contend in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, Boras’ other high-profile clients, pitchers Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell, remain unsigned, raising speculation that they too may opt for short-term deals given the prevailing market conditions.

As the MLB offseason progresses, the landscape of player contracts continues to evolve, with players and agents alike navigating the uncertainties of the market. For Chapman, Bellinger, and others, the decision to pursue shorter commitments underscores the delicate balance between financial security and the potential for greater rewards in the ever-changing world of professional baseball.

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