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Wisdom Imbibe is a  platform where you get all the information related to engineering, sciences, events, biography, movies, sports and motivational stories etc. Knowledge is the key to success, so we believe in spreading the knowledge for the all-around development of an individual. The aim of wisdom Imbibe is to provide knowledge in all the fields for self-development.

 About the Author

Babita Singh
Babita Singh

Babita Singh, an accomplished Assistant Professor in an Engineering college with more than 12 years of teaching experience. She holds an M.Tech degree in Digital Electronics and has qualified GATE four times. Babita is passionate about technology, sports, and reading books, especially motivational and biographies.

As an educator, Babita has founded the blog Wisdom Imbibe to share her knowledge and learning with aspiring students and People. She is committed to helping students stay motivated and succeed in competitive exams. Her expertise in teaching and passion for learning make her an excellent resource for students seeking guidance and support.

Nitin Singh
Nitin Singh

Nitin Singh is the Co-founder of Wisdom Imbibe, a platform dedicated to sharing knowledge about Sports, entertainment, Ayurveda, yoga, and fitness. Nitin has a Master of Business Administration degree and worked in MNCs for ten years.

Nitin’s passion for sports is also worth mentioning, as he played basketball, cricket, and football extensively during his college years. He also enjoys watching NFL games and analyzing them.

Aside from his interests in sports and fitness, Nitin has a creative side as well, enjoying activities such as watching movies and sketching.

Through Wisdom Imbibe, Nitin aims to share his knowledge and experiences with the world, in the hopes of inspiring and educating others in their pursuit of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Navneet Singh sitting on chair in the park.
Navneet Singh

Navneet Singh, a skilled professional with a degree in B.Tech Electronics and more than 10 years of experience in the software field. He has a diverse range of passions, including technology, sports, movies, and politics.

Navneet has co-founded a blog to share valuable information and insights on various topics with readers. His dedication to staying informed and updated on the latest trends and events is evident in his writing.

With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Navneet aims to provide readers with useful information that helps them keep up with the world’s developments

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