Charity is performed with the heart, not with money.

We have seen so many people who say that if I were rich I would have helped people.

They always complain that they are not blessed to have much wealth to do charity or noble work for society. but actually, if you have the will to help people then you can do this in many ways, only monetary help is not required to do.

To make our readers understand this here a short inspirational story is presented that gives you a glimpse of charity without money. Let’s read the story…….

On a hot summer day, an old teacher with leg discomfort boarded the bus but remained standing up since she couldn’t see a seat.

After the bus had traveled a short way, an elderly woman forced her to sit down by saying, “Come on, madam, you sit here,” in a polite manner.

The poor woman stood herself on the bus. “Thank you so much, I was truly in pain,” the teacher replied.

The poor woman’s face lit up with joy.

After some while, the chair next to the teacher was empty. However, the lady placed another passenger on the seat, who was a mother of a little child and was merely able to carry the child.

The seat became available at the following stop when the mother and the child both departed, but the kind woman refrained from tempting her to take a seat.

Even she seated a frail old man who had just arrived on the bus. After some time once more, the seat became empty. There were now very few people in the bus.

When the seat next to her was vacant, the teacher forced the woman to sit next to her and inquired, “How many times have you made others sit while not sitting yourself, what’s the reason behind this ?”

“Ma’am, I am a laborer, I do not have enough money to donate anything,” the woman replied. So what do I do?

I remove stones from the road and set them aside, and usually, I give thirsty people water.

Sometimes, I give up my seat to let someone else sit on the bus, and when they bless me, I forget how poor I am. The day’s fatigue disappears.

She added, very often when I sit down to eat chapati in the afternoon on the bench outside then a few birds come and sit, I put the chapati in small pieces.

Hearing the joyful chirping of these birds fills my stomach. I won’t get any money by doing all this but more than that I am getting blessings for free.

Whatever wealth and possession we acquire in this life will leave behind when we die, the only thing that we carry with us is the blessings we have earned.

So never miss the chance to receive blessings. The teacher was astounded that a woman who appeared to be illiterate could teach such a valuable lesson.

The earth will transform into heaven if half the world’s population adopts this way of thinking.

Charity is performed with the heart, not with money.

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