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Friends, here in this post two inspirational stories have been presented, the first story title is “Peacock’s Complaint to God” which gives a message of Stop comparing yourself to others. The second story title is ” Anger and control ” which gives a message of Hasty and thoughtless work always leads to trouble and remorse.

Story 1

Stop comparing yourself to others

Do you also complain to God that why did not make me beautiful like that person, why am I not fair? , why could not my height have been more? why didn’t I take birth to a rich family? And don’t know how many complaints we have with God, and this happens only because we keep comparing ourselves to others. Please stop comparing yourself to others.

Believe me, you are beautiful the way God made you, accept yourself and love yourself. The story we are going to present is based on these comparisons, whose title is “Peacock’s complaint to god“. Let’s read the story and learn some important messages about life.

Motivational story: Peacock’s Complaint to God

Once upon a time, there was a peacock that was very beautiful, its feathers were very beautiful. One day it rained heavily and the peacock started dancing. He was admiring his beauty while dancing, but suddenly his attention was drawn to his voice, which was extremely dissonant and harsh. Realizing this, he became very sad and tears welled up in his eyes. Then suddenly, he heard a cuckoo singing.


Hearing the melodious voice of the Cuckoo, the peacock realized his bad voice once again. He started thinking that God gave him beauty but why not give him a sweet voice. Then a goddess appeared and asked the peacock “Peacock, why are you sad?”

cuckoo pic

The peacock complained to the goddess about his harsh voice and asked her, “The cuckoo’s voice is so sweet but why not mine? That’s why I’m sad.

Now listening to the peacock, the goddess explained, “Everyone’s share is determined by God, every living being is special in its own way. God has created them separately and they are for a certain purpose. He gave beauty to the peacock, strength to the lion, and a sweet voice to the cuckoo! We should respect these gifts given by God and be happy as much as we have.”

Peacock complains to the goddess

After listening to the words of the goddess, the peacock understood that one should not compare with others, but should appreciate his own skill and refine it further. Peacock understood that day that every person is unique in some way or the other.

Accepting yourself is the first step to happiness. Accept what you have instead of feeling sad about what you don’t have. Always remember one thing ” God’s every creation is so beautiful “.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Story 2

Hasty and thoughtless work always leads to trouble and remorse.

It often happens that in a hurry or in anger, we make some such decisions, for which we have to repent for the rest of our lives. In anger, we start seeing the right things as wrong, and our thinking power ends. So friends, bring peace and calmness to your life only then you will be able to take the right decision. Here a story titled ” Anger and Control” is presented in front of your that teaches how anger made a king commit a sin that left him with a regret for the rest of his life.

Motivational story: Anger and control

Once upon a time, a king wandered in a dense forest. After several hours he began to feel thirsty, then his eyes fell on a tree where small drops of water were falling from a branch.

The king collected water by making a bundle of leaves as a bowl, as soon as the king started drinking water, a parrot came and dropped the leaf bowl in one fell swoop. The king thought that the bird must have been thirsty, so he also wanted to drink water, but by mistake, he swung and spilled the water.

Thinking of this, the king again started filling the empty bowl, and after a long time, the leaf bowl got filled again. As soon as the king got excited and picked up the leaf bowl, the parrot dropped it back. The king got very angry and took the whip and attacked the parrot and he lost his life.

King collecting water
king collecting water in leaf’s bowl

The king thought that now I will be able to collect water in peace and quench my thirst. Thinking of this, he reached back to the place where the water was collected, and the ground under his feet slipped. A poisonous snake was sleeping on that branch and saliva was dripping from that snake’s mouth. What the king thought was water was the poisonous saliva of a snake.

The king’s heart was filled with guilt. He said that I wish I had controlled my anger by adopting the best path of forgiveness told by the saints, then my friendly innocent bird would not have died.

Hasty and thoughtless work always leads to trouble and regret. Always remember Only a calm mind takes the right decision.

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