Never give up on your dreams

Friends, we have many dreams in our life, but do we work as hard to fulfill them as we should. If we get failure then we become frustrated and give up and make compromises in life but by doing this will our dreams ever be fulfilled the answer is NO. So we need to keep on trying until success touches our feet. So never give up on your dreams Let’s understand this with a beautiful story. So here I am going to present a story titled “DREAM ROOM IN HEAVEN”. I hope you will get a wonderful learning from this story. Let’s start……..

An Inspirational Story: “DREAM ROOM IN HEAVEN “

A hard-working, honest, and cultured boy lived in a city with his family. Because of his good manners and gentleness, his parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and relatives loved him very much. He was always ready to help others, due to which his neighbors and the people around him also had a lot of respect for him.

Boy with his family
Boy With His Family

He was preparing for an examination to get a high profile job for that he used to work hard day and night but unfortunately, he did not succeed and he got frustrated and left the preparation and joined a small job having a less salary, this is how he started living his life. But the kind of job and life he had dreamed of was very far from him. At the age of 50, he died due to a heart attack. Just because he had done good deeds in his life, so after death he was fortunate to accomplish heaven.

Dreams of boy

After reaching heaven, he was amazed to see the stunning natural beauty of heaven, he has never seen such a beautiful place ever in his life. He asked angel where you brought me? which place is this? The angel replied, this is heaven because of your good karma(work) you attained heaven now you will stay here. After hearing this boy was so happy.

Good Deads
Good Deeds Performed by Boy

Angel showed him the heaven and the palace where arrangements are made for him to stay. The boy has never seen such a beautiful and luxurious palace ever in his life. Angel took him inside the palace and showed him all the rooms of the palace one by one and finally they reached a room in front of which “DREAM ROOM” was written.

When they entered the room, the boy was shocked to see that there were so many prototypes of the things kept on the Almira. These were the same thing for which he had worked hard but could not able to achieve

Prototype of things kept in the dream room
Prototype of things kept in the dream room

A luxurious big house, costly car, high profile job, and many more such things remained in my dreams but I didn’t attain them there. Now why is the little form of those dreams kept here in this room. He was curious to know the reason for this and couldn’t stop himself from asking the angel about the reason behind this.

Boy asks his query to Angel
Boy asks his queries to Angel

The angel replied ” Man has many dreams and desires to be fulfilled in his life. But he is serious only about a few dreams and works hard to achieve them. The universe and god make preparations to fulfill all dreams of man. But sometimes because of a lack of determination or being frustrated by failure, a person gives up trying at the moment when his dreams are about to be accomplished.

The same unaccomplished dreams are kept here in the prototype form. Your unfulfilled dreams are also kept here in the form of a model. you would have got it in your life if you had not given up till the end. The boy understood the actual mistake made in his lifetime. But now he could do nothing after death except regret. He realized that Never giving up on your dreams is the secret to achieving it

The takeaway from the story

Friends have a firm determination before working towards accomplishing any dream. Never quit no matter how big a problem may come, no matter how many times you confront failure. Never give up on your dreams, keep chasing your dream until you accomplish them. Don’t let your dreams and desires remain unfulfilled with strong determination and continuous efforts to turn them into reality.

Top 8 Never give up Quotes

Never Give up quotes

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