Life is a blend of happiness and sorrow just like day and night. The main reason for sorrow in our life is that we can’t let go of the hurt of our past, we hold it so tightly and keep on thinking about it which leads to a disturbed state of mind and we start being unhappy. If we understand the simple concept that our thoughts are our creation, neither any outside situation nor any person creates our thoughts, they can only act as stimulants but again it’s our choice how to feel in any situation. The enlightened soul knows this secret and they remain calm and stable in any situation. We too need to practice this mastery of being in a blissful state. Here a story has been presented to make you all understand the real secret of being happy. Let’s start the story……..

Motivational Story: The Real secret of being Happy

There was an old temple in a Village where a wise saint used to live. The people of that village respect that saint so much. If any person in that village has any problem in life they go to that saint to take advice from him. The wisdom that the saint gives to the village people helps them to get out of their worries and problems.

A temple in a village
A temple in a village

One day a man came to him and asked why we all are usually stuck in pain and worries and remain sad. Is there any way to remain happy in this life?

A person came to the saint for advice
A person came to the saint for advice

The saint smiled and said yes there is a secret to being blissful but to know this you have to go with me to the forest. The man agreed and they both started walking towards the forest. After reaching the forest Mahatma found a big stone, picked it up and gave it to that man, and told him to hold it and walk with him. The man held that stone and started walking with the saint in the jungle.

A man holds the big stone given by the saint
A man holds the big stone given by the saint

After a while, the man started having pain in his hand but he remained quiet and didn’t tell to the saint and kept walking with him. They both continued their walk for a longer time and the pain in the hand of man kept on increasing. When the pain became unbearable then that man told the saint that now he cannot walk even a step further by lifting this big stone. Then the saint saw his bad condition and asked him to put down this stone. As soon as the stone was put down, the man got a big relief.

Man after putting down the stone felt so
Man after putting down the stone felt so relaxed

The Mahatma asked a question to man, tell me how you were feeling when you lifted this stone. The man replied that in the beginning, the pain in my hand was very less, so my focus was less on the stone and more on you. But as time passed by my pain got worse and my attention started to shift more towards the stone rather than to you. A point of time came when my whole attention shifted towards the stone, I can’t even think of anything else other than this stone and pain.

The Saint again asked him, well tell me how did you feel when you put down the stone on the ground The man replied that as soon as I put it down I felt so relaxed and happy. then saint said that this is the real secret of always being in a happy state, on this the man said swami Ji I am not understanding anything that you are saying

So to make him understand saint said-Just holding this stone in your hand for a while pains a little if you hold it for some more time, it pains a little more and if you keep on holding it for a long time the pain increases very much. Similarly, the more we hold on to our sorrows, the more unhappy and sad we will be. It is completely our choice how long we want to hold on to our sorrow either for a while or for the rest of our life.

So if you really want to be in a blissful state then put down your stone of sorrow as soon as possible and it would be best if you don’t even lift it at all.

The secret of happiness is to put down your stone of sorrow
The secret of happiness is to put down your stone of sorrow

The Takeaway from the Story

The lesson we learn from this story is that if we have lifted the stone of grief and sorrow, then in the starting our attention will be less on sorrow and more on our aim. But if we keep on holding a stone of grief and sorrow for a longer period of time then our focus or attention totally shifted towards our sorrow and we will not be in a position to think anything else other than our grief. And by this, we will always be absorbed in our sorrows and will remain away from happiness.

So, if you have also lifted any stone of grief and sorrow then please put it down as early as possible, it means to ward off sorrow and misery from your life completely and be blissful and achieve your aim. we all have taken birth to live life happily, don’t stick to the pain and sorrow of life, face it beautifully it will go off. Don’t let any person or situation disturb your state of mind. Outer situations may not be in our control but the response to that situation is in our control. So being in a happy state of mind is always our choice.

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