A calm mind has a solution to every problem

Circumstances are never the same in life, in the vortex of life there are ups and downs, and your thinking tells how you face difficult situations? Do you have the ability to get out of every situation?

we all have the ability to find the solution to every problem only the thing is that we never recognize our potential. To make you all understand the above said words, here I am presenting a story that tells you how a girl came out of a big problem with her smart thinking……

Story: Every problem has its solution

Let’s begin the story…………. In olden times a merchant had borrowed money from a wealthy moneylender on interest to start a new business and tried hard to make his business successful. But due to a loss in business, he was unable to return the moneylender’s money. Every now and then moneylender was troubling the merchant to return his money. The merchant had a very beautiful daughter.

merchant taken money from wealthy old man

The moneylender was very crooked, he thought that the merchant was not able to return the money, so why not take advantage of his situation. He gave a suggestion to the merchant, that if he marries his daughter to that moneylender, he will forgive all the debts of the merchant.

old man try to take advantage of merchant

The poor merchant could not understand what to do now, he was in such an adverse situation from which he didn’t know how to come out. He never wanted to marry his daughter to such an ugly cruel old man. He was so sad and decided to tell the whole thing to his daughter, the problem was big, the moneylender was an ugly middle-aged man.


Now that daughter had only two paths ahead – first, either refuse to marry the moneylender and let her father remain in debt and second, marry the moneylender happily so that her father can live freely.

Friends, there are often such turning points in our life when we start to believe that there is no way left and now we are stuck badly. It is often heard in the newspapers that people even commit suicide, but we need to keep our minds like water, have you seen pure, calm, and moving water? Water always finds its way out of everywhere, be like that.

Look ahead, what decision the girl took – the girl put a condition in front of the moneylender that the moneylender should bring a bag and put two pebbles in it, one of white color and the other of black color, after that the girl would take out a pebble from that bag by closing her eyes.

girl give the lesson to old man

If it turns out to be black, the girl will marry a moneylender and her father’s debt will be forgiven.

Also, if the pebble turns out to be white, the father’s debt will be waived off, but the girl will not marry a moneylender.The moneylender immediately agreed and soon came with a bag, now when he was putting the pebbles in the bag, the girl saw that the moneylender had cleverly put both the pebbles of black color in the bag.

Now the girl got worried that what should she do now, if she reveals the moneylender’s fraud in front of everybody then afterward he will make her father’s life more troublesome. The girl went ahead with some thought and took out a pebble from the bag and as soon as she took out the pebble, she splattered it with her hand, due to which the pebble fell into the drain.

The girl said – sorry, the pebble was spilled from my hand but there is nothing to worry about, there is be another pebble in the bag, let’s see if the pebble in the bag turned out to be black then I would have picked up the white pebble and if the pebble came out white in the bag then it means I had picked up the black pebble from the bag.

When the merchant put his hand in the bag, he saw that a black pebble came out. The merchant said – Aha, daughter there is a black pebble left in the bag, it means you had chosen the white pill. The merchant and the other village people standing there were so happy to know that the pebble that girl had chosen was white and now she is free from this unethical marriage obligation.

merchant and wealthy man 1 compressed

The poor moneylender was not in a situation to even speak. If he Had spoken then the theft would have been caught, thus the father’s debt was also forgiven and the daughter also protected herself. Later on, after two years merchant’s daughter got married to a young smart man and started living a happy life and Marchant had also started a new small business and doing well in his business, In this way, that girl with her understanding made her and her father’s life beautiful. Unless you think of solutions to problems, you will remain entangled in problems.

Let your thoughts open, think a little differently, and think that there is a solution to every problem, then there will definitely be some solution to your problem too

The takeaway from the story

Life is so uncertain we never know what situation comes in our life, we don’t have any control over it but our response to that situation is in control. So instead of cursing God and blaming your fate, keep faith in yourself that you can cross any circumference if your mind is calm. What we generally do is keep on churning about the problem instead of finding the solution to our problem. Keep one thing in your mind that you are much stronger than your problem, every problem has some solution. you know problems are part of everyone’s life, don’t get bogged down in them just sail out of them calmly.

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