Enjoy life to the fullest in the present moment

In this post, two stories are presented. Both stories give a moral that every individual has to live their life happily by being in present moment and need not worry about tomorrow.

Story 1

Inspirational Story Title: Enjoy Life fully

A short inspirational story that teaches us to enjoy life to the fullest in the present moment, don’t wait for the right time to come …..make each time the right time for being happy. In this story Sikander was very proud of his power, he used to think that he is so powerful that he has conquered the world and then he must have the right to be immortal then a crow teaches him a very important life lesson. To know this life’s lesson let’s read the whole story………

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It was a long time ago when Alexander started ruling the world on the strength of his power. He started boasting on his power so much that now he wanted to be immortal, he found out that there is such water that a person can be immortal by drinking.

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After wandering around the world, Alexander finally found the place where he could get nectar, it was an old cave that no one used to visit.

The cave looked very scary but Alexander took a deep breath and entered the cave, there he saw a nectar spring flowing inside the cave.

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He had extended his hand to drink water when a crow’s voice came, the crow was sitting inside the cave, the crow said loudly, stop, don’t make this mistake….

Sikandar looked at the crow. He was in a very pathetic condition, the feathers had fallen off, the claws had fallen, he had also become blind, and only the skeleton was left.

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Sikander said who are you to stop me…? If I can conquer the whole world, then how do you dare to stop me from drinking nectar, then the crow, dripping tears from his eyes, said that I too had come to this cave in search of nectar.

And I drank the nectar in a hurry. Now I can never die, but now I want to die but can’t die. Look at my condition. After listening to the crow, Alexander kept thinking for a long time and after thinking again, without drinking the nectar, silently came back out of the cave.

Sikander understood that the joy of life lasts only as long as we are in a position to enjoy it.

The takeaway from the story:

Friends, we should always be happy in life, we should never wait for big success or the right time to be happy because with time we get old and then we are not able to enjoy our life. Life is a blend of joy and sorrow, it’s totally our choice to remain happy or sad in any situation, don’t let any situation ruin your happiness . Time is just passing by so don’t let your happiness be dependent on any success and achievements, just enjoy the journey of life. We are not immortal and have a limited span of life. So it all depends on us whether we spend our life in joy or being sad because life is just keeps on passing, now its totally our wish, how do we want to spend it. “our Life is like an ice cream , enjoy it fully before it melts”

Story 2

This story teaches you that don’t worry about Tomorrow, only focus on your work. Don’t just worship God but also believe in him that he is always with you. If something is meant to happen it will happen. So live a fearless life and enjoy every moment of life.

Inspirational Story Title: Worry About Tomorrow

There was a king who had a daughter, she is on the path of spirituality and refrained from the luxury of the palace, and had feelings of detachment.

princess talking to king

When the princess is at the age of marriage, the king was unable to find a suitable groom for her marriage. Understanding the daughter’s feelings, the king got her married to a poor sanyasi(hermit). The king thought that only a sanyasi could respect the feelings of the princess.
After marriage, the princess happily came to live in the sannyasin’s hut. While cleaning the hut, the princess saw two dry chapatis in a pot. She asked her sanyasi husband why the chapatis were kept here? The sannyasin replied that these chapatis had been kept for tomorrow, if we do not get food tomorrow, we will eat one chapati each. Hearing this answer of the sannyasin, the princess laughed. she said that my father had married me with you because he feels that you are a recluse like me but you as a sanyasi only do devotion and have worries about tomorrow.

princes talking to sanyasi husband.
Princes talking to her sanyasi husband

A true devotee is one who does not worry about tomorrow and has full faith in God. Even animals do not worry about the next day, we are humans, why do we have worries? If God wills, we will get food for tomorrow and even if we do not get it, we will pray with joy throughout the night.

Hearing these things, the eyes of the sanyasi opened. He understood that his wife was the real sanyasi. He told the princess that you are the daughter of the king, have left the palace, and have come to my small hut, while I am already a fakir, still, I was worried about tomorrow. Today I realized that one does not become a sanyasi just by saying it, one has to implement sanyas in life. You made me understand the importance of detachment.

The Takeaway from the story

If we do devotion to God, there should also be faith that God is with us all the time. We must have a firm belief that God is always with us, we just have to do our work and everything else should be wired to God, whatever will be the result, we should accept it. Sometimes you are very upset, if you can’t see any solution to your problem, then close your eyes and remember God with true Contemplation, the solution to your problem will definitely come out, and God will definitely help you through one or the other means.

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