Olympic Games: Quiz on Important facts and history.

This quiz contains almost all the important facts about the Olympic Games. It is very important for all the competitive exams wherever sports Gk is being asked.

Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics are the two types of modern Olympic games that occur after every four year .


1. The ancient Olympics games were started in which year?

ANSWER= (B) 776 BC
Explaination:- The first ancient Olympic games were started in 776B.C in Olympic Valley in the honour of god Zeus.


2. Who is considered as the father of modern Olympic?

ANSWER= (D) Baron Pierre de Coubertin
Explaination:- Baron Pierre de Coubertin was born on 1 january 1863 and died on 2 sept 1937. He Was a French educator and historian and also the founder of International Olympic committee.


3. In which year the first modern Olympics games were held?

ANSWER= (A) 1896
Explaination:- In 1896 the first modern Olympics games were held in Athens , Greece


4. The headquator of the international Olympic committee is located in……………

ANSWER= (A) Lausanne , Switzerland
Explaination:- Since 1915, the headquater of IOC have been in Lausanne , Switzerland. This city was chosen as a headquator by the founder of the IOC Pierre de Coubertin.


5. The 5 interlaced ring of the Olympics represents the 5 continents i.e Europe , Africa , Asia , Oceania and……………..

ANSWER= (D) None of the above
Explaination:- The 5 rings represent the 5 continent of America , Europe , Africa , Asia , Oceania ,since there are 7 continent but the rings are only 5 because north America and south America is included in America.


6. When was the the olympic flame lit for the first time.

ANSWER= (C) 1928, Amsterdam
Explaination:- The Olympic flame was introduced by Architect Jan Wils, who designed the stadium for the 1928 summer Olympics in Amsterdam.


7. Ancient Olympic games were held on the honour of which god?

ANSWER= (A) Zeus
Explaination:- In ancient greek religion, Zeus is the sky and thunder god ,who rules as king of the gods of mount Olympus.


8. Where is the headquater of Olympic Council of asia(OCA)?

ANSWER= (A) Kuwait city
Explaination:-The headquated of OCA is Situated at Kuwait City , Kuwait .The current president of OCA is Sheikh Fahadb Al-Sabah.


9. What does the Olympics motto “Cotius, Altius, Fortius” means?

ANSWER= (D) Faster , Higher , Stronger
Explaination:- . The Olympics motto “Cotius, Altius, Fortius” refers to” Faster , Higher , Stronger” that was given by Father Henri Didon and was adapted by IOC in 1894.


10. The brackground color of Olympic Flag is :

ANSWER= (A) White
Explaination:- The olympic flag has a white background and five interlaced ring( Blue, Yellow, Black.Green and red ) in the centre
olympic flag


11. Which city has hosted the summer olympic Games maximum number of times?

ANSWER= (D) London
Explaination:- London is the only city which has hosted olympics thrice in 1908 , 1948 & 2012.


12.Who has coined the Olympics motto “faster, Higher, stronger”

ANSWER= (C) father Henri Didon
Explaination:- Olympic motto was coined by – father Henri Didon & was adopted by the international olympic committee in the year 1894.


13. In which year Olympic flag was designed ?

ANSWER= (B) 1913
Explaination:- Olympic flag was designed by Pierre de Coubertin in 1913 but was released in 1914,when the IOC conducted its 20th anniversary meeting in paris.It was officially used for the first time at Antwerp , Belgium olympics games in 1920.


14. The five interlaced ring of Olympic flag represents the :

ANSWER= (A) 5 continent
Explaination:- The 5 colour ring of olympic flag represents the 5 continent i.e. yellow- Asia , blue- Europe ,Red-America, Black-Africa , Green – Oceania


15. In which of the following Olympics games , Olympic flag was first introduced?

ANSWER= (B) 1920, Antwerp
Explaination:- The first Olympic flag was furled in 1920 at the games in Antwerp(belgium).


16. In which year hockey was introduced in the Olympics games?

ANSWER= (D) 1908
Explaination:- Hockey was officially introduced as Olympics sports at London 1908 games ,where 6 mens team of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales , Germany and france competed and England won the gold medal.


17. Olympic Oath was taken for the first time at ………….olympic games.

ANSWER= (C) 1920, Antwerp
Explaination:- Olympic oath is taken by an athelete of the Host city, on behalf of all the athletes in the opening Ceremony. For the very first time it was taken by Victor Boin , a belgian fencer at the 1920 , Antwerp olympic games.


18. Which among the following players has won maximum number of gold in olypics till now?

ANSWER= (D) Michael Phelps
Explaination:- Michael Phelps holds the all time record of maximum number of 28 medals comprising of 23 gold , 3 silver & 2 bronze in olympic games .


19. The Duration of olympic games hosted by any country shall not exceed more than …….. days as per Olympic charter.

ANSWER= (D) 16
Explaination:- In ancient times , the game were held first on one day , and finally over 5 days. Today as per olympic charter , the official duration should not be more than 16 days.


20. In which year the first winter olympic games were conducted

ANSWER= (A) 1924
Explaination:- Winter olympics is a multisports event held once in every four years for the sports practised on ice and snow. On 25th january 1924 , first winter olypics took place in Chamonix, france where 16 countries had participated.


21. The two Official languages of the Olympics games are:

ANSWER= (A) English and French
Explaination:- English and french are the two official languages of olympic games.The reason for french being the official language is that the frenchman Pierre de coubertin was responsible for the revival of ancient olympic games to modern olympic games in 1896 and is known as the father of the modern olympics.


22. When was the first women competed in olympic games

ANSWER= (B) 1900
Explaination:- Women competed for the first time in 1900 at paris olympic olympic games. Total 22 women in 5 sports competed out of 997 athletes.


23. What is the name of the first female olympic champion?

ANSWER= (C) Hélène de Pourtalès
Explaination:- Hélène de Pourtalès of switzerland became the first woman to compete in 1900 at paris olympic games and also became the first woman champion after winning the gold medal as a part of the winning team in the first 1 to 2 ton sailing event.


24. How many times the olympic games that were scheduled but cancelled due to world war I and II ?

Explaination:- 5 times the olympic games that has been cancelled due to world war I and II is (i)1916 Summer olympics (ii) 1940 Summer olympics (iii)1940 Winter olympics (iv) 1944 Summer olympics (v)1944 Winter Olympics.


25. Which city will host 2024 summer olympic games?

ANSWER= (D) paris
Explaination:- The list of next summer / winter olympics game is given below:
Beijing ,China      →     2022 Winter Olympics
Paris ,France      →     2024 Summer Olympics
Milano Cortina, Italy      →     2026 Winter Olympics
LOs Angeles, United States      →     2028 Summer Olympics


26. Who among the following atheletes was the first recorded modern olympic champion.

ANSWER= (B) James Connolly
Explaination:- American james connolly in 1896 at athens olympic games won the triple jump to become the first olympic champion.


27. Whic country has won the maximum number of medals in olympic games till now?

ANSWER= (D) America
Explaination:- America has won total of 1963 medals(Gold-1175, Silver-954 & Bronze- 834) in olympic games till now and also ranked first in the world for winning the maximum number of Gold medals.


28. What is the name of the first indian women to be elected as the member of the international Olympic Committee (IOC).

ANSWER= (C) Neeta Ambani
Explaination:- Neeta ambani , owner of the mumbai indian IPL cricket team and the Chairperson of reliance foundation was the first indian women to join the IOC as a member in 2016 and will remain its member till the age of 70.


29. which city will become the first city to host both summer and winter olympics in 2022?

ANSWER= (A) Beijing
Explaination:- In 1922, beijing the capital city of china will be the first city in the world to host both summer and winter olympics.It has hosted the summer olympic games in 2008 and will host the winter olympic in 2022.


30. When and where the first paralympic games was organised?

ANSWER= (A) 1960, Rome
Explaination:- The first paralympic games were held in rome in the year 1960 and the first winter paralympics games were held in ornskoldsvik , sweden in 1976.


31. In which year Cricket has been part of olympic sports only once.

ANSWER= (D) paris,1900
Explaination:- Cricket was only once held in 1900 paris olymic where only two countries team had competed,one was the Great britain and the other one was France.

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