Cyber Security: Classification And Measures



Data, networks, programmes, and other information must be protected from unauthorised or unattended access, destruction, or change in order to be considered secure. Because of security threats and cyber-attacks in today’s world, cybersecurity is important . Many companies create software to protect data.Cybersecurity is important because it not only protects information but also protects our systems from virus attacks. After the United States and China, India has the most internet users.

Classification of Cyber Security:

It is further subdivided into two types. Cybercrime – against individuals, corporations, and other entities – and Cyberwarfare – against a state.

Cyber Crime:

Cyber-crime is the use of cyberspace, such as a computer, the internet, a cellphone, or other technological devices, to commit a crime by an individual or an organised group. Cyber attackers commit cybercrime by employing a variety of software and codes in cyberspace. They use malware to take advantage of flaws in software and hardware design. Hacking is a common method of breaching the defences of secure computer systems and interfering with their operation. Identity theft is also prevalent.

Cybercrime can occur directly, for example, by spreading computer viruses directly to computers. DoS attacks are another type. It is an attempt to prevent intended users from accessing a machine or network resource. It temporarily or permanently suspends the services of a host connected to the internet.

Malware is software that is designed to disrupt computer operations, collect sensitive data, or gain access to private computer systems. It is typically manifested as code, scripts, active content, and other software. Malware refers to a wide range of hostile or intrusive software, such as Trojan Horses, rootkits, worms, adware, and so on.

Another method of committing cybercrime is unrelated to a computer network or device. Economic fraud is included. It is done to destabilise a country’s economy, to attack banking security and transaction systems, to extract money through fraud, to acquire credit/debit card data, to commit financial theft, and so on.

Data alteration and data destruction can impede the operation of a website or service. Others include using obscene content to humiliate and harm girls’ reputations, sending threatening e-mails, assuming a false identity, and virtual impersonation. Nowadays, there is a lot of misuse of social media in terms of inciting intolerance, instigating communal violence, and inciting riots.

• Cyber Warfare:

Cyber Security

The Snowden revelations have shown that cyberspace could become a battlefield in the twenty-first century. Future wars will be different from traditional wars fought on land, sea, or air. When a state initiates the use of an internet-based invisible force as a tool of state policy to fight another nation, this is referred to as cyber war.

It entails hacking vital information, critical websites, strategic controls, and intelligence. The Sofacy Group is suspected of carrying out a six-month-long cyber-attack on the German parliament in December 2014. Another case in point is the 2008 cyber-attack on US military computers. Since these cyber-attacks, the issue of cyber warfare has gained prominence in the international media.

Low-Cost Cybersecurity Measures:

• Changing your passwords is the simplest way to improve your security and sleep better at night knowing your data is secure.

• To keep track of everything, use a password manager tool like Last-pass, Dash lane, or Sticky Password. These applications assist you in creating unique, secure passwords for each site you visit while also keeping track of them all for you.

•An attacker can easily gain access to your network by using old credentials that have fallen by the wayside. Delete any unused accounts.

•Enabling two-factor authentication increases the security of your logins. An additional layer of security that makes it more difficult for an attacker to gain access to your accounts.

• Maintain the most recent versions of your software.


Because of high internet penetration, cyber security is now one of the world’s most pressing needs, as cyber security threats are extremely dangerous to a country’s security. Not only the government, but also citizens, should raise awareness among the public about the importance of always updating your system and network security settings and using proper anti-virus software to keep your system and network security settings virus and malware-free.

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