Potential Landing Spots for J.D. Davis After Giants’ Signing of Matt Chapman.

Explore potential landing spots for J.D. Davis After Giants’ Signing of Matt Chapman. Which teams could benefit from his offensive prowess?

The recent signing of standout third baseman Matt Chapman by the San Francisco Giants has sparked speculation about the future of J.D. Davis, another veteran third baseman on the team’s roster. With Chapman’s arrival, the Giants now boast an abundance of right-handed hitting third basemen, leading to questions about Davis’s future with the team.

Chapman’s three-year, $54 million contract has solidified his position as a cornerstone player for the Giants, reuniting him with president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi and manager Bob Melvin, with whom he previously worked at the Oakland Athletics. The addition of Chapman, along with recently signed Jorge Soler, provides San Francisco with much-needed power bats, albeit with some flaws.

Davis, who expressed surprise at Chapman’s signing, finds himself potentially displaced from his role as a starting third baseman. While the Giants could retain all their third base options, including Davis, Wilmer Flores, and Casey Schmitt, it’s more likely that they will explore trade options, with Davis being the most probable candidate for a move.

At 30 years old, Davis is coming off a season where he posted a .248/.325/.413 line with 18 home runs. Despite his offensive contributions, questions remain about his defensive capabilities, particularly at third base. While he showed improvement in 2023, there’s uncertainty about whether it was an outlier season or a sustainable trend.

Several teams could benefit from acquiring Davis via trade:

  1. Milwaukee Brewers: With uncertainty at third base, the Brewers could use Davis’s offensive prowess while potentially offering a trade package involving Willy Adames.
  2. New York Yankees: Seeking depth at both infield corners, the Yankees could leverage Davis’s versatility to bolster their bench.
  3. San Diego Padres: In need of infield depth, especially with Manny Machado’s recovery from elbow surgery, the Padres could utilize Davis’s experience at multiple positions.
  4. Seattle Mariners: Looking to solidify their third base situation, the Mariners could see Davis as an upgrade over their current options, albeit with considerations regarding his propensity for strikeouts.
  5. Toronto Blue Jays: Despite potential optics concerns, the Blue Jays could pursue Davis as an upgrade over their current third base situation, providing more stability at the hot corner.

As the Giants weigh their options, including potential trade scenarios, Davis’s future remains uncertain. However, his offensive capabilities and positional versatility make him an attractive target for teams seeking to bolster their roster ahead of the upcoming season.

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