SF Giants’ Pitching Prospects Swap: Unraveling the Mariners-White Sox Trade

Explore the intriguing Mariners-White Sox trade involving pitching prospects Santos and Berroa. Unravel the impact on both teams and the Giants’ past decisions.

In a recent trade between the Seattle Mariners and Chicago White Sox, former high-potential SF Giants pitching prospects, Gregory Santos and Prelander Berroa, changed organizations. This move has stirred the baseball community, bringing attention to their promising futures and the strategic decisions behind the trade.

The Mariners traded right-handed pitcher Prelander Berroa, outfielder Zach DeLoach, and the 69th overall pick in the 2024 MLB Draft to the White Sox for right-handed pitcher Gregory Santos. Both Santos and Berroa, once part of the Giants organization, showcased promising pitch arsenals.

Santos, the focal point of the trade, emerged as a standout reliever for the White Sox in 2023, boasting a 3.39 ERA with 66 strikeouts in 66.1 innings. Despite a promising future, the White Sox, expecting a rebuilding year, opted to trade him to the Mariners.

Berroa, akin to Santos, arrived at the Giants in a trade. After a stellar 2021 season in Single-A and High-A, he struggled with control at Double-A but found success in the bullpen, earning a promotion to the majors.

The trade echoes Farhan Zaidi’s earlier decisions, reminiscent of the Santos-McClure trade. While Santos thrived in Chicago, the Giants’ return, Kade McClure, struggled in Triple-A.

The Mariners-White Sox trade sparks interest in the baseball community, revealing the potential trajectories of Santos and Berroa. As the players embark on new journeys, the impact of this trade on both teams and the Giants’ past decisions remains a topic of discussion in the dynamic world of Major League Baseball.

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