M.L.B.’s Opening Day: Marcus Stroman’s Pitch Clock Violation.

Major League Baseball (M.L.B.) 2023 opening day has finally arrived, with every team in action for the first time since 1968. Fans and players alike have been anticipating this day, with lots of new rules that will shape the game in different ways. The excitement of the day, however, was marred when Marcus Stroman of the Chicago Cubs became the first player in M.L.B. history to be charged with a pitch clock violation. Despite this, he went on to pitch six scoreless innings in a win over Milwaukee.


M.L.B. fans have been looking forward to this year’s opening day for months, and it did not disappoint. With every team playing on the same day for the first time since 1968, fans have been treated to a day full of live baseball action. Despite the excitement, there have been some controversies, including Marcus Stroman’s pitch clock violation, which we will discuss in this article.

The New Rules: Stroman Gets Dinged

M.L.B. implemented three significant rule changes for the 2023 season that are possibly the most sweeping in modern baseball history. The first of these is the introduction of a pitch clock, which is intended to speed up the pace of the game. Unfortunately for Marcus Stroman, he became the first player in M.L.B. history to be charged with a pitch clock violation on opening day. This new rule requires the pitcher to deliver the ball within 20 seconds of receiving it. If the pitcher violates this rule, a ball is added to the count.

Despite being charged with the violation, Stroman did not seem bothered by it. He went on to pitch six scoreless innings in a win over Milwaukee. It is worth noting that some players have voiced their opposition to the pitch clock, arguing that it disrupts the game’s natural rhythm and can be distracting for pitchers.

Other Highlights of M.L.B.’s Opening Day

Beyond Stroman’s pitch clock violation, there were other exciting events on M.L.B.’s opening day. One of the most notable was Aaron Judge’s home run on the second pitch he saw. Judge’s homer was instrumental in the Yankees’ 5-0 victory over the Giants, which lasted a mere 2 hours and 33 minutes. This game was one of the fastest of the day, which is precisely what M.L.B.’s new rules are intended to achieve.

Anthony Volpe, a promising young talent for the New York Yankees, made his debut on opening day. Volpe’s debut was eagerly anticipated by Yankees fans, and he did not disappoint. He recorded his first career hit and scored a run in the game against the Giants.

Shohei Ohtani, one of the most exciting players in baseball, also made his debut on opening day. This season will be significant for Ohtani since it is his contract year. Ohtani has demonstrated his talent as both a pitcher and a hitter, and there is much speculation about where he will sign at the end of the season.

A Rain Delay in San Diego?

The game between the Rockies and Padres was delayed by rain in the sixth inning. While a rain delay is not unusual in baseball, it is unusual for it to occur on opening day. Thankfully, the delay was not lengthy, and the game was eventually completed.


The 2023 MLB Opening Day was a great day of baseball with plenty of exciting moments and surprises, including Marcus Stroman’s pitch clock violation and Aaron Judge’s quick home run. It was also the first time in over 50 years that every team started their season on the same day, adding to the excitement of the occasion. The new rules implemented by MLB have made the game faster and more interesting, with a potential increase in stolen bases and decreased defensive shifts. With so much happening on Opening Day, it’s clear that the rest of the season will be full of excitement and surprises.


Q. What is a pitch clock violation in baseball?

Ans. A pitch clock violation occurs when a pitcher takes too long to throw a pitch, exceeding the time limit set by the league. The pitcher is then charged with a ball or a strike, depending on the count.

Q. How have the new rules affected baseball games?

The new rules, including the pitch clock, ban on shifts, and encouragement of stolen bases, have made games faster and more interesting. They have also led to some changes in strategy and player behavior.

Q. Why is Opening Day important in baseball?

Opening Day is important in baseball as it marks the beginning of the season and a fresh start for all teams. It’s a time of excitement and anticipation for fans and players alike.

Q. What is the significance of every team starting on the same day?

Every team starting on the same day is significant as it adds to the excitement and anticipation of the occasion. It also creates a level playing field for all teams and increases the sense of competition and rivalry.

Q. What can we expect from the rest of the MLB season?

Based on the excitement and surprises of Opening Day, we can expect a thrilling and unpredictable season with plenty of action and surprises along the way. The new rules are sure to create interesting changes in strategy and player behavior, leading to some unexpected outcomes.

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