Teen Arrested in Non-Fatal Shooting at Grant Union High School in Sacramento

Read about the recent arrest in the non-fatal shooting at Grant Union High School in Sacramento. Stay informed on the latest updates and community reactions.

In a distressing incident, a 14-year-old boy was apprehended by Northern California police on Tuesday for the non-fatal shooting of another teenage boy in the parking lot of Grant Union High School in Sacramento. Both individuals involved were students at the school, prompting a two-hour lockdown as authorities investigated the targeted shooting. The injured 17-year-old victim was transported to the hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the arm.

Incident Details:
According to Sacramento Police Officer Cody Capley, the shooting was deemed targeted, and investigators are currently delving into the motive behind the altercation. The swift response from law enforcement and collaborative efforts with the Twin Rivers Unified Police Department led to the quick arrest of the 14-year-old suspect near the school premises. The Sacramento Police Department revealed that the initial alert about the shooting came from a ShotSpotter activation in the vicinity of the high school.

School District Response:
The Twin Rivers Unified School District expressed shock and sadness over the incident in a message posted on the school’s website. Acknowledging the traumatic nature of the event, the district assured that psychologists and counselors would be available to offer support to both students and staff affected by the incident.

Community Reactions:
Sasha Vogt, a parent with a daughter attending Grant Union High School, recounted rushing to the school upon receiving a call from her daughter about the lockdown. Vogt emphasized the layered impact of the incident, describing it as “trauma on top of trauma on top of trauma.”

The shooting at Grant Union High School has left the community shaken, highlighting the need for continued efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of students. As investigations unfold, authorities and school officials are working together to address the aftermath of the incident, offering support to those impacted by the traumatic event.

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