Quentin Grimes’ role is crucial for the Knicks’ success

Quentin Grimes’ quiet yet critical contribution to the Knicks’ recent success should not be overlooked. With the team on a hot streak, Grimes has proven his worth in his second season since his elevation to the starting lineup in November. However, his production has taken a hit since Josh Hart’s arrival, competing for playing time. Despite this, Grimes remains an essential piece of the Knicks’ puzzle. Here are some ways the Knicks coaching staff can utilize his strengths to the fullest.

Staggering his minutes with the starting lineup

Grimes’ limited production is partly due to Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle dictating the offense. While he may be relegated to the bench, it should not be viewed as a demotion. Instead, it could provide him with more opportunities to thrive, as evidenced by Immanuel Quickley’s performance against opposing second units. Playing alongside Quickley, Grimes’ offensive rating of 117.9 and defensive rating of 108.3 is an indication of their potential to be a lethal duo.

Taking more initiative

Grimes’ ability to blow by defenders in seconds and make smart reads is a valuable asset that should be utilized more. Currently, he is reserved within the Knicks’ offense, with his production ranking fourth or fifth in the pecking order. Grimes needs to initiate more within the offense and take more shots, as he has one of the quickest first steps in the league.

Quentin Grimes’ role is crucial for the Knicks’ success

Running plays to get him open

Grimes’ 3-and-D abilities are often overshadowed by Randle, Barrett, and Brunson, who receive a more significant volume of shots. The Knicks’ coaching staff should consider studying the Golden State Warriors’ offensive schemes to get Grimes more involved in the offense, such as running staggered screens to free him up for open looks around the arc.


In conclusion, Grimes’ potential remains untapped, despite his solid contributions to the Knicks’ success. The Knicks’ coaching staff should consider staggering his minutes with the starting lineup, encouraging him to take more initiative in the offense, and running plays to get him open to maximize his potential. By doing so, the Knicks’ success could be further enhanced, and Grimes’ production could reach new heights.

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