NFL: Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford Proves Critics Wrong with Strong Performance in This Season”

Speaking of Goff, 28, is there any actual doubt that going forward he will be this football team’s franchise quarterback? His performance this season proved many of his critics wrong, as he finished with more than 4,400 passing yards, 29 touchdowns, and only seven interceptions.

The Lions still have room to improve their backup quarterback situation by adding a young, developing quarterback, but that doesn’t need to happen until Day 2 or Day 3 of the NFL Draft. Going ahead, Goff ought to start at quarterback for the Detroit Lions. Timothy Twentyman

Jamaal Williams: He broke Barry Sanders’ record for rushing touchdowns in a season and gained his first 1,000-yard rushing season, doing more than just padding his stats. Williams now has 17 touchdowns for the year, one more than Barry had in the previous record-setting season. On Sunday, Williams’ yards and touchdowns were crucial to the Lions’ victory. As the greatest runner in history, Barry frequently performed well under pressure, so did he. Michael O’Hara

High anticipations: Although this Lions roster will change next summer due to the lengthy offseason, would it surprise anyone if the Lions were the NFC North favorites when the new season began? Detroit had a 9-8 record overall and a 5-1 record against the division. The only 13-win team in NFL history to end the regular season with a negative point differential was Minnesota, who also won the North. Timothy Twentyman

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