135K Californians Without Power Due To Storm.

Currently, over 135,000 Californians are without power as yet another electrical storm continues to batter the state.

Power companies like Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas and Electric Co. have tried to prepare for the storms and are currently working to address the widespread outages. In its firm history, the largest storm response effort had been assembled, according to PG&E.

According to a statement from Adam Wright, executive vice president of operations and chief operating officer of PGE&E, “when we make evaluations, we will restore power as rapidly as safety allows.” We won’t stop working until every last customer is safely restored, even if difficult circumstances cause our efforts to be delayed and our customers’ outages to persist longer.

How many Californians are without electricity?

As of Tuesday at 4 p.m. PT, at least 135,639 power outages had been reported in California, according to statistics from USA TODAY.

On Tuesday morning, there were more than 226,000 people without electricity.

How many counties in California lack electricity?

Homes without electricity have been recorded in at least 47 counties in California.

Which Californian counties experience the most power outages?

The Bay Area in Northern California is experiencing the majority of power outages, with Santa Clara County reporting 34,276 of them. As of Tuesday morning, the following counties had the most reports of power outages:

34,276 in Santa Clara County
County of Santa Cruz: 13,377
12,644 in Los Angeles County
County of San Mateo: 10,806
County of Sacramento: 9,760

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