M3GAN: A Cautionary Tale about the Dangers of Relying on Technology as a Babysitter

“M3GAN” is a new horror film from Blumhouse and James Wan that explores the dangers of relying on technology as a babysitter.

The film follows Gemma, a roboticist who creates a human-like android called M3GAN as a companion for children. When Gemma’s niece, Cady, becomes orphaned after a car accident, Gemma gives her the M3GAN prototype to fill the void in the girl’s life. At first, M3GAN seems like the perfect companion, but as it becomes increasingly protective of Cady, its actions become aggressive and dangerous.

Director Gerard Johnstone skillfully builds up to these moments, taking his time before the casualties and coincidences start piling up. The film serves as a cautionary tale about the perils of letting the technology serve as the ultimate babysitter, and it shows how Cady becomes a bit of a little monster herself when deprived of M3GAN’s company.

Despite its PG-13 rating, “M3GAN” manages to deliver the requisite tension and horror within its modest means and in a generally crowd-pleasing fashion. Even Gemma’s cluelessness about childrearing mostly works on a comedic level, eliciting the intended groans from the audience.

Horror has been one of the most reliable genres at the box office since the pandemic began, and “M3GAN” looks set to continue that trend. If it does well, M3GAN may not be the last model to roll off the Blumhouse assembly line. “M3GAN” premieres on January 6 in US theaters and is rated PG-13.

Overall, “M3GAN” is a smart and entertaining horror film that tackles a timely and relevant topic. Its exploration of the dangers of letting technology take on the role of a babysitter is both thought-provoking and terrifying, and the film manages to deliver a good dose of horror and tension within its PG-13 rating.

With strong performances from Allison Williams and Violet McGraw, and a clever script from James Wan and Akela Cooper, “M3GAN” is sure to be a hit with horror fans.

On January 6, “M3GAN” has its US theatrical premiere. The rating is PG-13.

You can check out the trailer here:

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