Will Tom Brady Surpass The Cow Boys Record?

There is no doubt that Tom Braddy is the most dominant quarterback (QB) in the entire Nfl history. He has lots of awards on their name like 7 Super Bowls with 3 Mvp leagues. His stats are promising and show dominance, but his stats put recent dominance in a new category and increase the curiosity before the Monday night game between the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa bay Buccaneers.

According to NFL Reporter Babe Laufenberg Tom Brady has a chance to overtake the Dallas Cowboys franchise in playoffs victories this week, As they Go into Monday night’s game Tom Brady has 35 playoff wins, and the cowboys also have 35 playoff wins overall as a franchise.

“If Tom Brady beats the Cowboys on Monday night, he will surpass the Cowboys’ all-time playoff win total. Not Staubach’s playoff wins. Or Aikman’s. I mean the entire organization. Brady-35 playoff wins. Cowboys franchise-35 playoff wins,”

Babe Laufenberg

According to statistics compiled by the Pro Football Reference site, so far, the Cowboys have participated in a total of 64 Playoff games since their inception in 1960, of which they have won 35 and lost 29. Of those 64 games, eight have been in the Super Bowl, of which they have won five.

“Will Tom Brady Make it 8-0 against the cowboys or get his first Loss?”

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