Shinzo Abe Japan’s Longest Serving PM Biography

Shinzo Abe

Brief Introduction of Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe with his wife Aki Abe
Shinzo Abe with his wife Aki Abe

Shinzo Abe was a Japanese politician who served as the 57th Prime Minister of Japan and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) since 2012 and formerly from 2006 to 2007. He had been the third longest-serving prime minister in post-war Japan.

Birthplace of Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe had taken birth on 21 September 1954 in Nagato, Yamaguchi, Japan. His father’s name is Shintaro Abe and his mother’s name is Yoko Kishi. Shinzo Abe’s wife’s name is Aki Abe.

Family BackGround of Shinzo Abe

Shintaro Abe, the father of Shinzo, served as Japan’s post-war leader for the longest period of time and was a well-known LDP member. His mother Yoko Kishi was the daughter of former Prime Minister of Japan Nobosuke Kishi.

Shinzo Abe with Father Mother and Elder Brother

Education Of Shizo Abe

Shinzo began his education at Seiki Elementary School and then attended Seiki Junior High School and Seiki Senior High School. Later, he enrolled at Seiki University to study political science and graduated from there, in 1977. Shinzo Abe moved to the United States to study public policy at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy in Southern California. However, he was there for only three semesters and returned to Japan in early 1979.

The political journey of Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe previously held the post of Prime Minister of Japan from 2006 to 2007. Abe was the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Oyagaku Propulsion Parliamentary Group. On 26 September 2006, when Abe was first elected to the office of Prime Minister at a special session of the National Parliament of Japan (DIET), He was elected as Japan’s youngest prime minister since World War II. He was also the first prime minister to be born following World War II. He resigned as Prime Minister on 12 September 2007 after serving for less than a year and was then replaced by Yasuo Fukuda.

Abey’s Role in Japan’s Economy

Abe expressed a general commitment to the fiscal reforms established by his predecessor, Juniro Koizumi. He has taken some steps to balance Japan’s budget, such as appointing tax policy expert Koji Omi as finance minister. Omi has previously supported an increase in the national consumption tax.

Death of Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe was assassinated on 8 July 2022. He was shot twice in the chest by an attacker named Tetsuya Yamagami. Later he was declared dead due to cardiac arrest.

Shinzo Abes Assasinator Caught By police
Shinzo Abe’s Assasinator Caught By police

Shinzo Abe’s Assasinator Caught By police

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