Powerball Winning Numbers for 9 August 2023

The winning numbers for the Powerball drawing on 9 August 2023 were:

  • 10
  • 15
  • 21
  • 67
  • 69
  • Powerball: 3

The Power Play multiplier was 2, meaning that any non-jackpot prizes were multiplied by 2.

There was no jackpot winner, so the jackpot rolled over to $198 million for the next drawing.

There were 4 second-place winners who matched 5 numbers and the Powerball, winning $1 million each.

There were 102 third-place winners who matched 5 numbers, winning $50,000 each.

There were 5,765 fourth-place winners who matched 4 numbers and the Powerball, winning $100 each.

There were 78,865 fifth-place winners who matched 4 numbers, winning $4 each.

The next Powerball drawing will be held on Wednesday, 11 August 2023.

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