Nikki Haley Wins Washington, D.C. Primary, Ending Trump’s Streak.

In a surprising turn of events, Nikki Haley emerged victorious in the Republican primary in Washington, D.C., marking her first win after a series of losses to former President Donald J. Trump.

Haley secured approximately 63 percent of the vote, while Trump trailed with 33 percent. This victory makes Haley the first woman ever to win a Republican presidential primary.

However, the contest was notably small, with just over 2,000 Republicans participating in the predominantly Democratic city of Washington. Despite the limited turnout, Haley’s win is significant and sets the stage for further Republican contests on Super Tuesday.

Trump’s campaign spokesperson characterized Haley’s win as a triumph in a city symbolizing the political establishment, whereas Haley emphasized her commitment to fighting against dysfunction and division. As the race intensifies, all eyes are on the upcoming Super Tuesday contests across 15 states.

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