India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023: Australia Won by 6 wickets.

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Summary: Overs 43 – 241/4; Phase Winner: Australia Win

  • Travis Head, after a spectacular innings of 137 runs off 120 balls, is finally dismissed by Mohammed Siraj. He attempted a pull shot, finding Shubman Gill at deep mid-wicket. A standing ovation follows for one of the best knocks in a World Cup final.
  • Glenn Maxwell comes to the crease.
  • Marnus Labuschagne is playing sensibly and adds 10 runs in the over.
  • Australia needs only 2 runs to win the World Cup.

Australia Won the world cup by 6 wickets.

Summary: Overs 41-42 – 235/3; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Travis Head, the star of the Australian innings, is dismissed by Mohammed Siraj for a spectacular 137 runs off 120 balls. Shubman Gill takes the catch in the deep.
  • Despite the wicket, Australia needs only 6 runs to win the World Cup.
  • Marnus Labuschagne continues to play sensibly and takes the score to 235/3.
  • The atmosphere in the stadium is tense as Australia approaches the target.
  • The required run rate is well within control, and Australia looks set to secure their sixth ODI World Cup title.

Australia needs 6 runs to win from 48 balls with 7 wickets in hand.

Summary: Overs 36-40 – 225/3; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Travis Head continues his stellar performance, reaching a brilliant century. He showcases controlled aggression, hitting boundaries and a massive six, dominating the Indian bowlers.
  • Marnus Labuschagne complements Head’s aggressive approach with sensible batting, rotating the strike effectively.
  • The partnership between Head and Labuschagne is flourishing, and they’ve now added over 150 runs, steering Australia closer to victory.
  • Jasprit Bumrah returns to the attack but struggles to break the partnership. Labuschagne reaches his fifty with a lovely flick off his legs.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi is among the spectators, witnessing a dominant performance by the Australian batsmen.
  • Travis Head, with 128 runs, and Marnus Labuschagne, with 53 runs, have put Australia in a commanding position.
  • Australia’s run rate remains healthy, and the required run rate is well under control.
  • The crowd in Ahmedabad reflects a sense of resignation as Australia looks set to clinch their sixth ODI World Cup title.
  • The Australian batsmen are clinical, and with just a few overs remaining, they are well on course for a comprehensive victory.

Australia needs 22 runs to win from 60 balls with 7 wickets in hand.

Summary: Overs 31-35 – 192/3; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Travis Head reaches a magnificent century, scoring 100 runs in the World Cup final. He becomes the second player after Aravinda de Silva in 1996 to score a century in a World Cup final chase.
  • Head displays controlled aggression, hitting a six off Jadeja and bringing up his hundred with a risky single. The crowd acknowledges his remarkable performance.
  • Marnus Labuschagne is providing steady support, and the partnership between Head and Labuschagne is flourishing.
  • The spinners, Ravindra Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav, continue to bowl, but they are unable to break the crucial partnership.
  • Australia’s run rate is healthy, and the batsmen are rotating the strike effectively.
  • The mood in Ahmedabad reflects the tension and excitement of a World Cup final.
  • After 35 overs, Australia is 192/3, with Labuschagne at 41 and Head at 107.
  • India needs a breakthrough to shift the momentum, while Australia aims to consolidate their position and steer towards victory.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi is among the spectators, adding to the significance of the occasion.
  • Travis Head’s innings has been exceptional, and his century is a testament to his skill and composure under pressure.
  • The partnership between Head and Labuschagne has become the cornerstone of Australia’s innings, steering them towards the World Cup title.

Summary: Overs 21-30 – 63/0; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Travis Head continues his aggressive approach and takes on Mohammed Siraj, scoring runs freely against him.
  • Head reaches his fifty and decides to take on the bowlers even more aggressively.
  • The partnership between Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne crosses the century mark, signifying their dominance and resilience.
  • Marnus Labuschagne survives an LBW review off Bumrah; the decision goes in his favor as the ball was hitting the stumps but the umpire’s call saves him.
  • Despite Jasprit Bumrah’s commendable effort, the Australian batsmen, particularly Head, score three boundaries in the same over.
  • The Indian bowlers are struggling to break this partnership as Head and Labuschagne build a strong foundation for Australia.
  • The phase ends with Australia scoring 63 runs in these ten overs without losing any wickets, showcasing their control and dominance in this crucial period of the match.

Summary: Overs 13-17 – 93/3; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne are forming a crucial partnership for Australia after the early wickets. Head is playing aggressively, while Labuschagne is focused on anchoring the innings.
  • The spinners, Kuldeep Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja, are bowling economically but have yet to break through.
  • Head showcases controlled aggression, hitting a boundary off Siraj and a six off Kuldeep Yadav.
  • Steven Smith departs for 4 runs, lbw to Bumrah. Smith chooses not to review, possibly due to the impact being outside off stump.
  • The crowd in Ahmedabad is engaged, and the atmosphere reflects the importance of this World Cup final.
  • India’s bowlers, especially Bumrah and Shami, continue to apply pressure, but Head and Labuschagne are gradually stabilizing the innings.
  • After 17 overs, Australia is 93/3, with Head at 40 and Labuschagne at 10.
  • Marnus Labuschagne is crucial for Australia’s batting, capable of anchoring the innings and making it challenging for the opposition.
  • The game is finely poised, and the partnership between Head and Labuschagne is vital for Australia’s chances in the final.

Summary: Overs 8-12 – 68/3; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne are at the crease.
  • Australia faces a challenging phase as Jasprit Bumrah picks up a crucial wicket, dismissing Steven Smith with a slower delivery. Smith doesn’t review despite the impact being outside off stump.
  • Ravindra Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav bowl economically, putting pressure on the Australian batsmen.
  • India’s smart field changes and strategic bowling changes are discussed, showcasing their tactical acumen in the World Cup final.
  • The crowd in Ahmedabad is lively, supporting the Indian bowlers for every delivery.
  • Travis Head becomes a key player for Australia in the powerplay, looking to get boundaries against the hard new ball.
  • Mohammed Shami and Bumrah’s performances are critical for India’s success in the final.
  • After 12 overs, Australia is 68/3, with Head and Labuschagne at the crease.

Summary: Overs 4-8 – 12/0; Phase Winner: India

  • India makes a strong comeback with Jasprit Bumrah dismissing Mitchell Marsh. Bumrah’s slower ball proves effective.
  • KL Rahul’s wicketkeeping becomes a point of discussion as he appears slightly off-color today.
  • Shami and Bumrah continue to apply pressure, and the crowd rallies behind the Indian bowlers.
  • After 8 overs, Australia is 47/3, with Head and Labuschagne at the crease.

Summary: Overs 3-7 – 36/1; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Shami concedes runs as Mitchell Marsh counterattacks with a six and some aggressive shots.
  • The powerplay ends, and the game is finely balanced with Australia looking to accelerate.
  • After 7 overs, Australia is 47/2, with Steven Smith and Travis Head at the crease.

Summary: Overs 5-7 – 47/2; Phase Winner: India

  • Jasprit Bumrah strikes again, dismissing Steven Smith with a slower delivery. Smith departs for 4 runs, choosing not to review despite the ball’s impact being outside off stump.
  • The atmosphere in Ahmedabad is electric, with the crowd fervently supporting the Indian bowlers.
  • Travis Head becomes crucial for Australia in the powerplay, looking to stabilize the innings and score boundaries against the new ball.
  • Shami’s semi-new ball bowling strategy is discussed, emphasizing his effectiveness when the ball swings less.
  • After 7 overs, Australia is 47/3, with Head and new batsman Steven Smith at the crease.
  • The Indian bowlers, especially Bumrah and Shami, continue to apply pressure on the Australian batting lineup.
  • KL Rahul surpasses Rahul Dravid’s record for the most dismissals behind the wicket by an Indian wicketkeeper in a World Cup.
  • The game is finely poised, and Australia will rely on Head to guide them through the powerplay.

Summary: Overs 3.1-5 – 41/1; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Jasprit Bumrah dismisses Mitchell Marsh, caught by KL Rahul at slip, providing India with a crucial breakthrough.
  • Shami is effective in his third over, creating difficulties for both Travis Head and Steven Smith.
  • The Indian fielding coach, TK Dilip, plays a crucial role by retrieving the ball near the circumference after a catch is missed in the slips.
  • After 5 overs, Australia is 41/2, with Steven Smith joining Travis Head in the middle.
  • Shami and Bumrah continue to pose challenges for the Australian batsmen, and KL Rahul’s impressive wicketkeeping in the tournament is highlighted.
  • Mitchell Marsh’s aggressive approach, including a powerful six, is curtailed by Bumrah’s skillful delivery that results in his dismissal.
  • The atmosphere in Ahmedabad is electric, with the game finely poised and Australia relying on Head to stabilize their innings.

Summary: Overs 2-4 – 29/1; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Mohammed Shami, opening the bowling for India, dismisses David Warner early, caught by Kohli at slip.
  • Bumrah bowls the second over, conceding 15 runs, including an edged four between Kohli and Gill in the slips.
  • Shami’s third over includes a powerful six from Mitchell Marsh, displaying aggressive intent.
  • The fourth over by Bumrah is challenging for the batsmen, with Head struggling against the away-moving ball and a couple of plays and misses from Marsh.
  • After 4 overs, Australia is 41/1, with Mitchell Marsh and Travis Head at the crease.
  • Shami and Bumrah continue to pose a threat, but Australia is looking to counterattack and build a solid partnership.

Summary: Overs 1 – 15/1; Phase Winner: Australia

India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023: Warner out.

  • Mohammed Shami takes the new ball for India, targeting Warner with an in-swinger.
  • Shami strikes early, dismissing Warner caught by Kohli at slip for 7 runs in just the third ball of the innings.
  • Bumrah bowls the sixth ball, conceding 15 runs, including a boundary through the covers and an edged four that falls safely between Kohli and Gill in the slips.
  • Travis Head joins the counterattack, hitting boundaries with confidence.
  • After the first over, Australia is 15/0, setting an aggressive tone in the powerplay.
  • India faces an early challenge to break Australia’s opening partnership and control the run rate.

Summary: Over 50 – 12/1; Phase Winner: Australia

India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023: India Score 240 Runs, Australia needs 241 to Win.

  • Australia’s Pat Cummins concludes his impressive spell, delivering an exceptional 10-over spell without conceding a boundary.
  • Hazlewood bowls the final over as India looks to maximize its total.
  • Mohammed Siraj contributes a quick four with a powerful shot past the bowler.
  • Kuldeep Yadav struggles to make a significant impact in the last over.
  • In an attempt to steal an extra run, Kuldeep Yadav gets run out on the final ball of the innings.
  • Australia’s bowlers display excellent control and discipline, restricting India to 240 runs.
  • Australia will need 241 runs to win the World Cup in this highly anticipated final.

Summary: Over 49 – 8/1; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Pat Cummins returns for the penultimate over and maintains the pressure on the Indian batsmen.
  • India loses another wicket as Cummins dismisses Kuldeep Yadav.
  • Kuldeep Yadav contributes 8 runs in a brief stay at the crease.
  • Australia continues to display disciplined bowling, limiting India’s scoring options.
  • Mohammed Siraj manages to score a few singles in the over.
  • India faces a challenging task to post a competitive total in the final over.
  • Australia remains in a dominant position as they control the latter part of the Indian innings.

Summary: Over 48 – 4/2; Phase Winner: Australia

India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023: Surya Kumar Out.

  • Hazlewood continues his impressive bowling, getting the crucial wicket of Suryakumar Yadav.
  • Suryakumar Yadav falls prey to the short and slow delivery, managing only 18 runs.
  • Hazlewood mixes up his pace and lengths, making it challenging for the Indian batsmen.
  • India loses two wickets in this over, including the important wicket of Suryakumar Yadav.
  • Australia’s disciplined bowling restricts India’s scoring opportunities.
  • With just a couple of overs left, India faces an uphill task to post a competitive total.
  • Australia in a dominant position as they maintain control in the final overs.

Summary: Over 45 – 2/1; Phase Winner: Australia

India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023: Jaspit Bumrah Out.

  • Zampa continues to trouble India, getting the key wicket of Bumrah lbw.
  • Bumrah walks off without reviewing, indicating the ball hitting the stumps.
  • Suryakumar Yadav remains at the crease, trying to salvage a competitive total.
  • Zampa maintains control with variations, restricting scoring opportunities.
  • Australia’s bowlers exhibit clinical performances, showcasing their skills.
  • India faces a challenging task to set a competitive target in the final overs.
  • Australia in a commanding position with disciplined bowling efforts.

Summary: Overs 41-44 – 15/2; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Australia’s fielding prowess limits India’s scoring opportunities.
  • Starc dismisses Rahul with a skillful delivery, inducing an outside edge.
  • Shami’s cameo ends with a hard swing and a catch for Inglis.
  • Suryakumar Yadav remains crucial for India in the middle overs.
  • Starc and Cummins maintain pressure, executing well-directed deliveries.
  • Only four runs in the 44th over; Australia’s bowlers dominate.
  • India struggles to find boundaries, facing challenges in the middle overs.
  • Australia’s disciplined approach and strategic field placements pay off.

Summary: Overs 31-40 – 35/1; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Australia maintains tight bowling, offering no free scoring opportunities.
  • Pacers exploit reverse swing, creating challenges for the Indian batsmen.
  • KL Rahul completes a patient half-century in 86 balls.
  • Australia loses a review but strikes immediately, dismissing Jadeja.
  • Part-timers Maxwell, Marsh, and Head collectively contribute 10-0-44-1.
  • The 39th over is the most expensive, with India scoring 10 runs.
  • Only one boundary is scored in this phase, emphasizing Australia’s control.

Summary: Overs 36-35.5

  • KL Rahul reaches a crucial half-century.
  • Hazlewood comes back into the attack and gets the breakthrough by dismissing Jadeja.
  • Jadeja survives a close LBW appeal, and Australia loses a review.
  • A bit of sloppiness in the Australian fielding, leading to overthrows and extra runs.
  • The 36th over produces 8 runs and a wicket, giving Australia the edge in this phase.
  • The part-time bowlers of Australia have been effective, showcasing the importance of multi-skilled players.

Summary: Overs 31-35

  • KL Rahul reaches a crucial half-century on the grandest stage.
  • Good running between the wickets by Rahul and Jadeja.
  • Starc attempts to employ reverse swing, adding a new dimension.
  • India manages to accumulate 34 runs without losing any wickets during this phase.
  • Australia rotates Travis Head back into the attack to introduce spin.
  • The game becomes a low-scoring thriller with bowlers dominating; India misses Hardik Pandya’s all-round presence.

Summary: Overs 21-30 – 37/1; Phase Winner: Australia

  • Cummins strategically rotates his bowlers to maintain pressure.
  • Kohli and Rahul build a fifty partnership, stabilizing the innings.
  • Kohli achieves a 56-ball half-century, showcasing his class.
  • The first boundary in 98 balls is executed by Rahul with a paddle-sweep.
  • Cummins returns to dismiss Kohli (54) via a chop-on, breaking the partnership.
  • India reaches the 150-run mark in the 30th over.
  • Australia deploys seven bowlers during this phase, showcasing flexibility.


Cummins to Kohli, out Bowled!! Kohli b Cummins 54(63) [4s-4]

Cummins to Kohli, THATS OUT!! Bowled!!

Summary: Overs 21-26 – 55/0; Phase Winner: India

Virat Kohli 50 India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023.
  • Kohli reaches his fifty, steering the innings with finesse.
  • Rahul showcases solid batting, contributing to the partnership.
  • Zampa maintains control, keeping the batsmen on their toes.
  • Kohli chooses to bat without a cap, indicating increased focus.
  • Warner’s impressive fielding effort prevents a boundary.
  • Both Kohli and Rahul achieve 50+ scores in the semi-final and final, joining a prestigious list of players who have achieved this feat in a World Cup edition.

20th Over Summary:

  • Runs Scored: 2
  • Score after 20 overs: IND 115-3
  • Batsmen: Virat Kohli 39(42), KL Rahul 19(37)
  • Bowler: Mitchell Marsh (1-0-2-0)

Key Events: India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023.

  • Mitchell Marsh comes into the attack, and the keeper comes up to the stumps.
  • Kohli faces a tight length ball at the stumps, punching it towards long-on for a single.
  • Rahul faces a cutter, a pitched-up delivery on off. He pushes it towards mid-off with no run.
  • Kohli turns a fuller ball on off stump to mid-wicket with no run.
  • Rahul faces another good length ball at the stumps, pushing it to mid-on with no run.
  • Mitchell Marsh delivers a cutter, pitching it up on off. Rahul pushes it towards mid-off with no run.
  • Kohli faces a full ball angling on the pads, turning it towards deep backward square leg for a single.

Australia employs a strategy of cutters and short balls, making it challenging for the Indian batsmen to time their shots on the tacky surface. Kohli’s confidence seems to have taken a hit after the wickets of Rohit and Iyer, and now he and Rahul need to focus on building a solid partnership.

19th Over Summary:

  • Runs Scored: 6
  • Score after 19 overs: IND 113-3
  • Batsmen: Virat Kohli 38(40), KL Rahul 18(33)
  • Bowler: Josh Hazlewood (4-0-31-0)

Key Events:India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023.

  • Hazlewood comes back into the attack, delivering a good-length ball angling onto the middle and leg. Kohli takes a single.
  • Rahul faces a pitched-up delivery outside off, leaning closer and driving towards deep point for a single.
  • Kohli faces a short ball outside off, tapping it into the ground towards mid-on for a quick run.
  • Rahul executes a controlled swivel pull to a short ball above shoulder height, sending it towards deep backward square leg for a single.
  • Kohli shuffles closer to a good-length ball wide outside off, punching it square of the wicket for a single.
  • Hazlewood delivers a good-length ball outside off, and Rahul punches it towards deep point for a single.

India works the singles, rotating the strike against the disciplined Australian bowling. The run rate remains above 6, but boundaries have become scarce, reflecting the cautious approach of the Indian batsmen in the middle overs.

18th Over Summary:

  • Runs Scored: 3
  • Score after 18 overs: IND 107-3
  • Batsmen: KL Rahul 15(30), Virat Kohli 35(37)
  • Bowler: Glenn Maxwell (3-0-24-1)

Key Events: India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023.

  • Maxwell returns to the attack, pushing the ball through and keeping it low.
  • Rahul faces a quicker and low delivery, pushing it to the right of Maxwell towards long-on for a single.
  • Maxwell maintains a tight line, spinning the ball onto the middle stump. Rahul defends from his crease.
  • Rahul plays a late cut, cutting the ball behind square for a couple of runs. Head from sweeper has to hurry to prevent additional runs.
  • Maxwell delivers a full, quick ball that stays straight outside off. Rahul defends into the pitch.
  • The run rate has slowed down, with 52 balls since the last boundary, highlighting the importance of Rohit Sharma’s innings.

17th Over Summary:

  • Runs Scored: 3
  • Score after 17 overs: IND 104-3
  • Batsmen: Virat Kohli 35(37), KL Rahul 12(24)
  • Bowler: Pat Cummins (5-0-14-1)

Key Events: India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023.

  • Rahul adopts a careful approach against the short ball, not taking unnecessary risks and playing it down into the ground.
  • Cummins continues the tactic of bowling short deliveries outside off, testing Kohli with a bouncer, but Kohli remains composed, getting low to let the ball pass.
  • Australia’s fielding performance is highlighted, with the team showing high energy and commitment on the field.
  • Rahul manages a single by tickling a short delivery down the leg side towards fine leg.
  • Kohli faces another bouncer but ducks under it comfortably.
  • Kohli pulls a short delivery to the left of backward square, where Warner makes a diving stop, restricting the batsmen to a single.
  • A good-length delivery on off from Cummins is punched to the left of cover by Rahul for a quick single.
  • Kohli appears relaxed, sharing a smile with the fielder at sweeper cover after playing a shot.

The Australians maintain pressure with short deliveries, and India responds cautiously, focusing on rotating the strike. The energy in the field from Australia is evident, making every run hard-earned for the Indian batsmen.

16th Over Summary:

  • Runs Scored: 4
  • Score after 16 overs: IND 101-3
  • Batsmen: KL Rahul 10(22), Virat Kohli 34(33)
  • Bowler: Adam Zampa (3-0-14-0)

Key Events: (India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023)

  • The analysts’ influence on Australia’s strategy is evident as they employ a clear plan post the powerplay. The bowlers focus on delivering short balls into the body, inducing pull shots on the slowish surface. Zampa keeps it tight at the stumps, denying width for Rahul and Kohli to free their arms.
  • Drinks are on the field, and Australia is doing a commendable job, applying pressure and executing a well-thought-out plan.
  • Hazlewood is seen warming up, indicating a potential change in the bowling attack. The matchup between Hazlewood and Kohli is expected to resume.
  • Despite the pressure, India remains in a strong position, and the experienced duo of Rahul and Kohli looks to anchor through this challenging phase.
  • Zampa delivers a mix of deliveries, including a googly, as Kohli and Rahul respond with singles and cautious play.
  • DK on broadcast commentary notes that Australia has recognized the slower pitch, prompting the barrage of short balls to induce the pull shot, with two fielders positioned for potential catches.

The match continues with both teams actively strategizing, and the contest remains intriguing as the innings progresses.

15th Over Summary:

  • Runs Scored: 3
  • Score after 15 overs: IND 97-3
  • Batsmen: KL Rahul 8(18), Virat Kohli 32(31)
  • Bowler: Pat Cummins (4-0-11-1)

Key Events:India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023.

  • Pat Cummins continues his spell, maintaining his focus on executing the right lengths and variations.
  • Rahul faces a back-of-length delivery, wide outside off, and decides to leave it.
  • Cummins follows up with another delivery of hard length outside off, with a change of pace. Rahul defends off the bottom of his bat towards mid-wicket.
  • Hazlewood is seen warming up, suggesting a potential change in the bowling attack. Hazlewood has been a challenging opponent for Kohli in the past.
  • Kohli faces a short-pitched delivery that comes on quicker. He is late on the pull, and the ball spoons off the bottom of the bat to the left of the mid-wicket fielder. Luckily, it falls in a safe area, and the batsmen take a single.
  • Cummins delivers a short-pitched ball to Rahul, catching him by surprise. Rahul swivels and top-edges the ball towards fine leg, taking a single after a couple of bounces.
  • Kohli faces a pace-off delivery that keeps a tad low. He clips it towards deep mid-wicket, taking a single.
  • The stadium atmosphere has quieted down a bit post the powerplay, reflecting the nervousness among the large crowd.
  • An intruder runs onto the ground in an attempt to hug someone, but Kohli remains unperturbed, wearing a smile and having a chat with Cummins.

As the middle overs progress, India aims to stabilize the innings, and Australia looks to capitalize on building pressure through tight bowling and fielding.

14th Over Summary:

  • Runs Scored: 5
  • Score after 14 overs: IND 94-3
  • Batsmen: Virat Kohli 30(29), KL Rahul 7(14)
  • Bowler: Adam Zampa (2-0-10-0)

Key Events:India vs Australia Live Cricket World Cup Final 2023.

  • Adam Zampa continues his spell, looking to make an impact in the middle overs.
  • Kohli faces a full delivery on the pads and clips it towards deep backward square leg for a single.
  • Zampa delivers another very full ball on off, and Kohli stabs it back to the bowler, resulting in no run.
  • Rahul, facing a googly on a length, readjusts and pushes it towards long-on off the backfoot for a single.
  • A pitch intruder disrupts play, leading to a brief break. Kohli and Rahul utilize the time for a conversation.
  • Play resumes after dealing with the pitch intruder.
  • Kohli drills a full delivery towards long-on for a powerful single.
  • Rahul, facing a delivery on the pads, turns it to the right of Pat Cummins’ dive at mid-wicket for a single.
  • The over concludes with Kohli getting a thick edge towards backward square on his defensive shot, adding another single to the total.

As the innings progresses, Kohli and Rahul focus on building a steady partnership, ensuring India’s stability in the middle overs. Zampa continues to play a key role for Australia in the bowling department.

Rohit Sharma in World Cup 2023

Rohit Sharma’s remarkable performances in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 are summarized in the tabular form above, highlighting his record-breaking achievements and impactful contributions to the team.

13th Over Summary:

  • Runs Scored: 2
  • Score after 13 overs: IND 89-3
  • Batsmen: Virat Kohli 27(25), KL Rahul 5(12)
  • Bowler: Pat Cummins (3-0-8-1)

Key Events:

  • Pat Cummins, with figures of 3-0-8-1, continues his spell, aiming to maintain pressure on the Indian batsmen.
  • Kohli faces a slower delivery, adjusts well, and turns it towards deep backward square leg for a single.
  • Rahul, looking to stabilize the innings, manages to get a single with a well-executed pull shot behind square.
  • The overall tempo, initially set by Rohit Sharma, has slowed down as the middle phase of the innings begins.
  • Cummins delivers a slower ball on middle stump, and Rahul defends it watchfully.
  • The Australian pace spearhead varies his pace again, hitting the deck hard on off stump, and Rahul pushes it towards backward point.
  • The over concludes with Cummins pitching it up on the middle, and Rahul blocks it to mid-on.

As the match transitions into a different phase, the focus shifts to building a partnership and playing according to the circumstances. With Kohli and Rahul at the crease, India looks to consolidate their position and set the stage for a competitive total.


Shreyas Iyer’s performances when walking in within the first 10 overs during the specified World Cup matches are summarized in the table above.

12th Over Summary:

  • Runs Scored: 5
  • Score after 12 overs: IND 87-3
  • Batsmen: KL Rahul 4(7), Virat Kohli 26(24)
  • Bowler: Adam Zampa (1-0-5-0)

Key Events:

  • Adam Zampa takes charge of the 12th over, aiming to build pressure on the Indian batsmen.
  • KL Rahul, now at the crease, works the ball with finesse, closing the bat face towards backward square for a single.
  • Zampa varies his deliveries, flighting the ball at the stumps, and Rahul defends to the leg side.
  • Virat Kohli, showcasing his class, guides the ball towards deep square for a single as Zampa delivers a short-of-length delivery.
  • Rahul continues to adapt, pushing a fuller delivery towards long-off for a single.
  • Kohli, unfazed, clears the front leg and elegantly drives a tossed-up delivery to long-on for another run.
  • The over concludes with Rahul calmly pushing a very full delivery towards long-off.

As the batsmen focus on rotating the strike, the partnership between Rahul and Kohli becomes crucial for India in the middle overs. Zampa, looking for breakthroughs, strives to control the game in favor of Australia.

11th Over Summary:

In the 11th over, Pat Cummins continues to trouble the Indian batsmen with his relentless pace and accuracy. Here’s the summary:

  • Runs Scored: 2
  • Wickets: 1
  • Score after 11 overs: IND 82-3
  • Batsmen: Virat Kohli 24(22), KL Rahul 1(3)
  • Bowler: Pat Cummins (2-0-6-1)

Key Events:

  • Cummins maintains the pressure, delivering a maiden over.
  • KL Rahul enters the crease, facing a challenging situation with two quick wickets falling.
  • Shreyas Iyer departs for 4 runs, caught by Josh Inglis off Cummins, bringing Australia back into the contest.
  • Ian Smith on commentary highlights the significance of the catch, suggesting it could be a potential match-turner.

Batting Performances:

  • Virat Kohli continues to anchor the innings, showing resilience with 24 runs from 22 balls.
  • KL Rahul manages to get off the mark with a single.

As Australia tightens their grip with crucial breakthroughs, the match remains finely poised, and the next phase will be crucial for both teams.

In a game full of twists and turns, the match hangs in the balance as Australia strikes with quick wickets, making it an intense final showdown in the CWC 2023.

End of 10 Overs

In the wake of Rohit Sharma’s departure, the right-handed batsman Shreyas Iyer strides purposefully to the crease, aiming to consolidate India’s innings in the World Cup final. His arrival adds a fresh dynamic to the batting lineup, and all eyes are on him to build a crucial partnership with Virat Kohli.

In a dazzling display of fearless cricket, Rohit Sharma’s innings in the World Cup final takes a dramatic turn in the ninth over. Facing Maxwell’s delivery, Rohit, in an attempt to continue his aggressive approach, executes a powerful cut shot, sending the ball racing through cover-point for a boundary.

However, the very next ball proves to be his undoing. Rohit aims for another big shot, stepping out to a flighted delivery from Maxwell, but fails to connect cleanly. Travis Head, stationed at long-on, pulls off a sensational catch, leaving the crowd in stunned silence. The fielding brilliance of Head claims Rohit’s wicket at a crucial juncture. Rohit Sharma departs after an impactful innings of 47 runs from 31 deliveries, featuring four boundaries and three sixes.

The Indian team’s approach in the World Cup final is described as playing with a remarkable sense of freedom, adding an enviable dimension to their performance on the grand stage. Despite the setback with Rohit’s dismissal, India’s intent remains evident, keeping the pressure on Australia and maintaining an exciting tempo in this crucial encounter.

In the ongoing final, Pat Cummins introduces a variety of deliveries in an attempt to disrupt Rohit Sharma’s rhythm. However, Rohit manages to keep the scoreboard ticking with singles and leg byes. The Australian pace attack, led by Cummins, aims to capitalize on the early breakthrough by Starc.

As Cummins strives for control, Rohit and Virat Kohli display resilience, denying Starc any chance to settle into a rhythm. Rohit showcases his power with a six over long-off, swiftly followed by Kohli’s masterclass—a mistimed flick, a crisp punch, and a signature cover drive. The pressure swiftly shifts back onto Australia.

The eighth over sees Glenn Maxwell entering the attack, offering a spin option. Kohli takes charge, confidently executing a delightful cut shot for four. The Indian duo maintains a strong partnership, with Rohit contributing a quick single and Kohli flicking to deep mid-wicket. Cummins, proactive in his captaincy, brings Maxwell into the powerplay, deploying fielders strategically.

As Maxwell takes the ball, Kohli continues his fluent strokes, securing more runs with a flick to deep mid-wicket and a controlled shot to backward point. The partnership between Rohit and Gill in 2023 becomes the second-highest in a calendar year, emphasizing their consistency and impact on the team’s success. They trail only the legendary pairing of Tendulkar and Ganguly in 1998. The final promises a gripping battle between bat and ball, setting the stage for an enthralling contest between India and Australia.

Gill vs Starc in ODIsInningsBallsRunsDismissals
Dismissals within 15 overs3

In their ODIs encounters, Shubman Gill has faced Mitchell Starc four times, accumulating 38 runs from 45 balls. Notably, all three dismissals occurred within the first 15 overs of the innings, indicating a challenge for Gill in the early stages of the match.

Virat Kohli strides purposefully to the crease, taking over the responsibility after the departure of Shubman Gill. His current partner, Rohit Sharma, continues to exhibit his prowess with the bat, playing a pivotal role in keeping Australia on the defensive. As Kohli settles in, the battle between him and the Australian bowlers intensifies, with Hazlewood posing a notable challenge. The scoreboard reads 40-1 after 6 overs, and the atmosphere is charged with anticipation.

In the previous over, Mitchell Starc tried to unsettle Kohli, but the Indian captain responded with a boundary to deep backward point, showcasing his ability to control the game. However, Starc’s earlier delivery had Kohli in a spot of bother, as a mistimed lofted drive narrowly escaped the clutches of the mid-on fielder.

Reflecting on the ongoing contest, the statistics reveal the dominance of the Australian bowlers, especially Starc, against Gill in ODIs. Gill’s struggles are evident, having faced 45 balls and scoring only 38 runs, with three dismissals occurring within the first 15 overs.

As Hazlewood continues his spell, Kohli displays his class with a calculated push towards deep point, adding crucial runs to the Indian total. The battle unfolds ball by ball, and the exchange between Cummins and the Aussie camp suggests a strategic evaluation of their plans.

Rohit Sharma, standing at the other end, recently unleashed a powerful six off Starc, showcasing his ability to single-handedly control the match. However, the dismissal of Gill prompts speculation about the effectiveness of the team’s game plan and its impact on Rohit’s attacking style.

In the midst of this intense cricketing drama, Javed Parvez lauds Rohit Sharma’s class and unwavering intent in the World Cup. As the narrative unfolds, all eyes are on Kohli, a stalwart of the Indian batting lineup, to anchor the innings and steer the team toward a formidable total.

4.2 overs Shubman Gill’s attempt to execute his trademark short-arm jab pull shot off the front foot proves costly as the delivery from Starc falls short of expectations. Instead of dispatching it towards mid-wicket, Gill hits it straighter, only to find Zampa stationed at mid-on. The lack of pace and proximity to the body results in Gill dragging the ball to mid-on. Starc celebrates with a double-fist gesture, securing the crucial breakthrough. Shubman Gill departs, caught by Zampa off Starc after scoring 4 runs from 7 deliveries.


Australia won the toss and chose bowling first.

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