Grizzlies take proactive approach with Ja Morant: Discuss off-court behavior prior to latest incident.

As the Memphis Grizzlies face their latest challenge with Ja Morant’s recent off-the-court behavior, reports have emerged that the team had already taken a proactive approach by having conversations with the young star regarding his conduct.

According to sources, the Grizzlies’ front office had spoken to Morant about his off-court behavior before the recent incident, highlighting the importance of representing the organization in a positive light and being a role model for fans and the community. While the team is disappointed with Morant’s recent actions, they are confident that the conversations had with him will serve as a valuable learning experience.

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The Grizzlies have always prioritized character and conduct in their players, and this latest incident has only reinforced the importance of such values. The team is committed to supporting Morant and ensuring that he understands the gravity of his actions, while also holding him accountable for his behavior.

As the Grizzlies work to move past this latest incident, they will continue to emphasize the importance of off-court conduct and representing the organization in a positive manner.

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