Max Christie: Lakers’ Fourth-Quarter Hope in High-Pressure Moments.

Los Angeles Lakers rookie Max Christie has already proven himself to be a reliable fourth-quarter player, despite his lack of experience. His instincts and determination were on full display in Wednesday night’s matchup against the Sacramento Kings, where he found himself in an inevitable position

. With the game on the line and the Lakers down by one point, Christie was forced to commit a clear-path foul. Although the decision ended up costing the Lakers the game, his veteran teammate LeBron James had nothing but praise for the rookie’s effort.

Max Christie: Lakers' Fourth-Quarter Hope in High-Pressure Moments.
Max Christie: Lakers’ Fourth-Quarter Hope in High-Pressure Moments.

James knows first-hand how hard it is for a first-year player to be put into such a high-pressure situation and applauded Christie for doing his best to make the right play. It was clear that the Lakers were outcompeted in the rebounding game against the Kings, who had 14 offensive rebounds that ended up leading to 20 second-chance points.

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The margin of victory came down to a mere five points, and it’s safe to say that if the Lakers had managed to secure more boards, the outcome could have been much different. Christie’s ability to keep his composure in such a crucial moment and his willingness to learn from the experience is something that will no doubt serve him well in the future.

As the Lakers continue to search for ways to close out tight games, Max Christie could be the answer they have been looking for.

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