Jalen Hurts Becomes Highest-Paid Player in NFL History with Massive 5-Year Extension with Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have made a massive statement by signing their franchise quarterback, Jalen Hurts, to a five-year contract extension worth $255 million. With over $179 million in guaranteed money and a no-trade clause, the deal makes Hurts the highest-paid player in NFL history and secures his future with the Eagles through the 2028 season. This article will explore the significance of this contract for both Hurts and the Eagles.


The Eagles’ decision to sign Hurts to a record-breaking contract is a clear indication of their faith in his ability to lead the team to success. This move comes after Hurts’ outstanding performance in the 2022 season, where he led the Eagles to a 14-1 record in the regular season and a Super Bowl appearance.

The signing of Hurts to this massive deal also raises questions about how it will impact other contracts around the league, particularly those of other young quarterbacks like Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert. In this article, we will explore these questions and more.

What Does the Extension Mean for Jalen Hurts?

Jalen Hurts has now become the highest-paid player in NFL history, and this extension is a testament to the hard work and dedication he has put into his craft. Hurts has been a revelation for the Eagles since he took over the starting quarterback position in 2021, and he has continued to improve with each passing season.

With this new contract, Hurts now has the security and financial stability to focus on leading the Eagles to success on the field. It also gives him the opportunity to cement his legacy in Philadelphia and become one of the greatest quarterbacks in the Eagles history.

What Does the Extension Mean for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The Eagles have made it clear that they see Hurts as the future of the franchise, and this extension reinforces that belief. By securing Hurts for the long term, the Eagles have eliminated any doubts about the quarterback position for the foreseeable future.

This deal also gives the Eagles the financial flexibility to build a team around Hurts and put the pieces in place to compete for championships. With Hurts under contract for the next five years, the Eagles can focus on building a team that can contend for the Super Bowl year after year.

How Will the Extension Impact Other Young Quarterbacks?

The signing of Hurts to this massive contract will undoubtedly have an impact on other young quarterbacks around the league. Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert, who are also due for extensions in the coming years, will likely use Hurts’ contract as a benchmark for their negotiations.

The Eagles’ decision to sign Hurts to a long-term deal could also have a ripple effect on other teams. If the Eagles were willing to pay such a high price for their quarterback, other teams might be forced to do the same to secure their own young quarterbacks.

What Is the Structure of the Contract?

While the details of the contract have not yet been released, it is likely heavily backloaded for salary cap purposes. This means that Hurts’ salary will increase over the years, allowing the Eagles to spread out the cap hit over the length of the contract.

It is also expected that the contract will pay out a lot of money in bonuses, which will prorate over the length of the deal. This structure allows the Eagles to keep their star quarterback happy while managing their salary cap effectively.

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The signing of Jalen Hurts to a five-year, $255 million contract extension is a massive move by the Philadelphia Eagles. By securing their franchise quarterback for the long term, the Eagles have eliminated any doubts about the future of their quarterback position.

While the contract makes Hurts the highest-paid player in NFL

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