Daniele De Rossi Talks Europa League, Player Updates, and Managerial Journey.

Daniele De Rossi discusses Europa League, player updates, and managerial journey in an insightful interview with Sky Sport.

In an interview with Sky Sport ahead of Roma’s Europa League playoff against Feyenoord, head coach Daniele De Rossi shared his thoughts on various topics, including his emotions leading up to his first European match as a manager.

De Rossi expressed his excitement and intrigue about the upcoming match, emphasizing his commitment to giving his best regardless of the outcome. Reflecting on his managerial journey so far, he highlighted the challenges he has encountered but also praised the support he has received from the club, owners, and management.

Regarding player updates, De Rossi provided insights into the progress of key players such as Dybala and Lukaku, stating that they have been working well and appear to be in good spirits. He also mentioned Ndicka’s impending return and expressed anticipation for having the full squad available soon, with the exception of Tammy, who is expected to return shortly.

De Rossi’s remarks shed light on the dynamics within the team and his approach to managing both on and off the pitch. Despite facing challenges, he remains focused on guiding Roma to success and is grateful for the opportunity to lead such a talented group of players within an organized club structure.

As Roma prepares for their Europa League clash, De Rossi’s words offer insight into the team’s mindset and preparations, instilling confidence among fans and stakeholders alike. With his dedication and strategic approach, De Rossi aims to navigate through obstacles and lead Roma to glory in European competition and beyond.

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