Daniele De Rossi Confident Roma Can Progress Against Feyenoord in Europa League.

Daniele De Rossi confident as Roma faces Feyenoord, aiming to progress in Europa League. Updates on injuries and team condition.

In an interview with Roma TV, Daniele De Rossi expressed his conviction in Roma’s ability to advance to the next round of the Europa League. Despite acknowledging Feyenoord’s strength, De Rossi emphasized Roma’s preparedness and determination to secure victory.

De Rossi highlighted the significance of maintaining focus and delivering a strong performance on the pitch, emphasizing the importance of playing their own style of football.

The Roma coach also provided updates on the team’s injury recoveries, including Chris Smalling, Renato Sanches, and Sardar Azmoun. He expressed satisfaction with their progress and overall team condition.

As Roma prepares for their Europa League clash with Feyenoord, De Rossi’s confidence and optimism serve as motivation for the team and fans alike. With key players returning from injury and a determined mindset, Roma aims to secure a positive result and advance to the next stage of the competition.

Daniele De Rossi Talks Europa League, Player Updates, and Managerial Journey.

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