Why Fans are Not Happy With Jimmy Kimmel and What RDJ Said After Winning Academy.

Fans are not impressed with jimmy kimmel’s opening monologue that he took a swipe at Robert Downey Jr.

The host of the late night talk show choose his opening speech to snub the Iron Man fame star Robert Downey Jr’s past drug addiction from decade ago.

In the Opening of the award show Jimmy Kimmel targeted many stars but when he comes to start cracking the jokes on Robert Downey Jr, Fans are not pleased with that.

Why Fans not Impressed With Jimmy Kimmel?

During hosting the 96th Academy Awards at Dolby theater he brought his worst of his career, it was a night where every one comes to celebrate the best. Jimmy Kimmel make it worst, despite getting the gestures from the stars to wrap up the Oscar host didn’t take hints.

In the earlier in the week the 56 year old host had warned celebrities nothing was a off limits, and he prove it last night.

Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about Robert Downey Jr‘s past struggles with substance use, which almost ended his career. It happened minutes within the ceremony opening, so he didn’t waste any time at all.

Jimmy Kimmel began: “This is the highest point of Robert Downey Jr’s long and illustrious career… well one of the highest points…”

Then cameras focuses on RDJ who touched his nose tips, Emily Blunt who is sitting behind him, put her hand on his shoulders in support.

Jimmy added: “Was that too on the nose or was that a drug motion you made?”

RDJ gestured with his arms, urging Kimmel to continue, humorously mimicking a fishing rod to suggest Kimmel was fishing for jokes. However, sensing perhaps a bit of tension, the host quickly shifted gears, showering RDJ with compliments. “Just look at this guy,” he gushed. “So handsome, so talented.”

Then, in a bizarre turn, Kimmel made a peculiar comment about RDJ’s pocket, prompting a quizzical reaction from the actor. RDJ seemed momentarily thrown off by the odd remark, barely reacting beyond a shrug and a tilted head, clearly unsure where the conversation was headed.

Undeterred, RDJ steered the conversation toward his past struggles, prompting Kimmel to bring up a peculiar movie from two decades ago where RDJ played a villain opposite Tim Allen, who transformed into a dog. This led to Kimmel jokingly suggesting a remake with the beloved dog Messi, who had recently made an appearance at the Oscars.

On the X fans raise their voices in support of RDJ and wrote “Making fun of the drug issues of Robert Downey Jr. is actually pretty lame. I’m not surprised though, because Jimmy Kimmel has always sucked.

What Sam Rockwell Said about RDJ

Sam Rockwell while presenting Robert Downey Jr. at the Oscars for best supporting Actor Nomination said “There are actors, and then there are actors who don’t drop characters until the DVD commentary.”

After Winning Best Supporting Actor Award

Robert Downey jr said ” Thanks james thanks fellas that’s amazing you only flab one line… I like to thank my terrible child hood and Academy in that order. I lie to thank my wife Suzane Downey over there , she found me a snowrling rescue path and you love me back to life that’s why Iam here.

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