Three Lakers players shot just 1 for 27 from the field against the Clippers last night.

Three players who were expected to make field goal shots for the Lakers during their close defeat to the Clippers last Thursday each managed to make only one.

Out of seven tries, Patrick Beverley only succeeded once. Kendrick Nunn hit zero of seven. The most concerning one, however, is Russell Westbrook, who missed all 11 of his attempts.

LeBron James has recently been under fire for speaking the truth about the Lakers' issues. It appears that he was correct all along.

Many people may view LeBron James' candour as a lack of leadership, but he was merely articulating what was already clear but was brought to light last night.

The Lakers urgently require more proficient shooters, to put it simply.

Lakers won't have a strong season by any stretch of the imagination if they don't quickly address this issue.

LeBron James needs his teammates to stand up even if he makes every shot he takes moving ahead because this is a team sport.

It makes sense why one of the team's most persistent rumours has been about Kyrie Irving.

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