Turmoil in the NBA: Coaching Changes, Lakers’ Dilemma, and Blazers’ Protest

Explore NBA’s upheaval: Bucks fire coach mid-season, Lakers face critical decisions, Blazers protest controversial finish. Dive into the drama now!

Turmoil in the NBA

The NBA landscape is experiencing significant upheaval with the Milwaukee Bucks’ surprising decision to fire first-year head coach Adrian Griffin after just 43 games, the Los Angeles Lakers facing a pivotal moment in their season, and the Portland Trail Blazers filing a protest challenging the result of a recent game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll delve into the reasons behind Griffin’s dismissal, explore the Lakers’ options leading up to the trade deadline, and dissect the controversial finish in the Blazers-Thunder matchup.

1. Milwaukee Bucks’ Coaching Shake-up:

Turmoil in the NBA: Coaching Changes, Lakers' Dilemma, and Blazers' Protest

The Milwaukee Bucks shocked the basketball world by parting ways with head coach Adrian Griffin after just 43 games, despite the team boasting one of the league’s top records midway through his first season. Griffin, hired in the summer to replace Mike Budenholzer, faced heightened expectations following the blockbuster acquisition of Damian Lillard.

a. Reasons for the Firing:

  • Despite the Bucks’ 30-13 record and a second-place standing in the Eastern Conference, defensive struggles raised concerns.
  • Milwaukee’s defensive efficiency plummeted from 4th to 22nd, indicative of a significant decline in pick-and-roll and drive defense.
  • Back-to-back games surrendering 135 and 113 points to the Detroit Pistons underscored defensive inconsistencies.
  • The pressure to win big this season intensified after acquiring Damian Lillard in a trade, putting Griffin under the microscope.

b. Interim Coach and Potential Replacements:

  • Veteran assistant Joe Prunty steps in as the interim coach.
  • The Bucks are reportedly eyeing accomplished veteran head coaches, with Doc Rivers emerging as a top target.

2. Los Angeles Lakers at the Crossroads:

Turmoil in the NBA: Coaching Changes, Lakers' Dilemma, and Blazers' Protest

The Los Angeles Lakers, who made significant moves at last year’s trade deadline, find themselves once again facing critical decisions with the trade deadline looming. Coach Darvin Ham believes in the team’s potential, anchored by stars Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

a. Paths Forward for the Lakers:

  • Option 1: Stay Put
    • Ham expresses confidence in the Lakers’ core, emphasizing their playoff experience.
    • The front office aims for a month-long evaluation period, considering potential moves in the buyout market.
    • Long-term plans involve potential trades for star players like Donovan Mitchell or Trae Young.
  • Option 2: Shake It Up
    • Despite James and Davis performing consistently, concerns arise about the supporting cast.
    • Trade possibilities involving players like Dejounte Murray are explored, aiming to enhance the team’s overall talent.
    • The Lakers weigh the cost and benefits of potential deals and remain open to further roster adjustments.
  • Option 3: Split the Difference
    • Identified needs, such as a backup point guard, prompt consideration of players like Collin Sexton or Tyus Jones.
    • The Lakers explore specific matchups in potential playoff scenarios, targeting players like Andre Drummond or Dorian Finney-Smith.
    • The dilemma surrounding D’Angelo Russell raises questions about his future with the team.

3. Portland Trail Blazers’ Protest:

Turmoil in the NBA: Coaching Changes, Lakers' Dilemma, and Blazers' Protest

In a recent game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Portland Trail Blazers experienced a controversial finish, leading to a protest filed with the NBA.

a. Controversial Finish:

  • The Blazers contested a 111-109 loss, arguing that coach Chauncey Billups had called a timeout before a double dribble was called on Malcolm Brogdon.
  • Billups received two technical fouls and was ejected after expressing frustration over the perceived failure to honor his timeout request.
  • Crew chief Bill Kennedy explained that the referee’s focus on the play in front made it difficult to hear and see Billups’ timeout request.

b. Protest and Possible Outcomes:

  • The Blazers filed a protest with the NBA, challenging the result of the game.
  • Historical data indicates that NBA protests are rarely upheld, with only six instances in history.
  • The league office has a structured timeline to review the protest and make a decision.


The NBA is currently a cauldron of drama, with coaching changes, trade dilemmas, and contentious protests. The Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Portland Trail Blazers find themselves navigating through turbulent waters, each with its unique set of challenges and decisions to make. As the league hurtles toward the trade deadline, the basketball world eagerly awaits the outcomes that will shape the remainder of the season.

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