Tornado updates: 11 dead, dozens injured across 5 states.

On Friday night, a deadly tornado outbreak moved through the Midwest and South, causing at least 11 deaths and dozens of hospitalizations across five states, according to ABC News.

The outbreak affected Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin, with dozens of tornadoes reported across the affected areas. The exact number of confirmed tornadoes is yet to be verified, but more than 28 million people across the South and Midwest were under a tornado watch as of Friday night.

This article aims to provide the necessary information about tornado updates, sheltering during a tornado threat, and how to stay safe during such natural disasters.

Tornado outbreak in Midwest and South

The tornado outbreak in the Midwest and South resulted in several deaths and injuries. According to officials, five people died in Arkansas, three in Indiana, one in Illinois, one in Alabama, and one in Mississippi.

The tornadoes caused extensive property damage, with hundreds of homes and buildings damaged, including an apartment complex on Cantrell Road in Little Rock, Arkansas. A tornado emergency was issued for metro Little Rock on Friday afternoon due to the threat of a damaging tornado and quarter-sized hail.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. stated that 24 people had been hospitalized, and he was “not aware of any fatalities in Little Rock at this time.”

Updates on the aftermath of the tornado outbreak

The tornado outbreak affected a vast area spanning seven states, with 57 tornado reports in the past 24 hours. The number of tornado reports continues to rise, and the storm threat is still ongoing.

As of Saturday morning, one person died and more than 50 people across Pulaski County, Arkansas, have been hospitalized, with that number expected to rise. The northeastern Arkansas city of Wynne took a direct hit from a tornado, with four people pronounced dead.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency reported that one person died and four others were injured due to Friday’s storms in Pontotoc.

Sheltering when there is a tornado threat

During a tornado threat, it’s essential to take shelter immediately to avoid injuries or fatalities. The National Weather Service advises people to take shelter in a sturdy building or basement, away from windows and doors.

In the case of a mobile home, it’s safer to move to a more substantial structure or storm shelter. If you’re driving during a tornado warning, it’s best to pull over and park your car, remaining inside with the seatbelt on, and your head covered until the storm passes.

Staying safe during a tornado

To stay safe during a tornado, it’s essential to stay informed by regularly checking the weather reports and listening to the latest updates from the National Weather Service or local emergency management agencies.

Having a plan and a designated safe place can help you stay prepared for the possibility of a tornado. Always keep an emergency kit with essential items, such as food, water, medications, first aid supplies, and a flashlight, in case of power outages.


Tornado outbreaks can cause devastating effects and result in several deaths and injuries. It’s essential to take shelter immediately and stay informed during a tornado threat. By staying prepared and following the safety measures recommended by the National Weather Service, people can reduce the risk of injury or death.

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Q. What is a tornado emergency?

Ans. tornado emergency is a severe weather warning issued by the National Weather Service to alert the public about an imminent and life-threatening tornado.

Q. What should I do if a tornado warning is issued while I’m driving?

Ans. If a tornado warning is issued while you’re driving, pull over and park your car, remain inside with the seatbelt on, and your head covered until the storm passes

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