Savannah Guthrie Opens Up About Her Spiritual Journey in New Memoir “Mostly What God Does”.

Savannah Guthrie, renowned co-anchor of NBC News’ “Today” show, has unveiled her latest literary endeavor, “Mostly What God Does,” a deeply personal memoir delving into her spiritual connection and the profound impact of faith in her life. With refreshing candor and sincerity, Guthrie extends a heartfelt invitation to readers to embrace their own spiritual journeys, irrespective of where they stand, through her authentic narrative.

In an exclusive interview with Axios, Guthrie, 52, expressed the significance of her memoir, emphasizing its role as her most intimate and vulnerable work to date. “I’m way out of my comfort zone. But I just felt like I had something good to say about God and couldn’t help but share it,” she remarked. Through “Mostly What God Does,” Guthrie aims to offer a glimpse into her relationship with faith, grounded in genuine curiosity and an open heart.

Drawing parallels to her pastor’s reflections on the singular nature of life experiences, Guthrie acknowledges the uniqueness of her own journey. She articulates her encounters with the divine as moments of profound grace and salvation, emphasizing the omnipresence of God’s love in her life. Guthrie’s memoir serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith, portraying God as a constant source of solace and strength amid life’s trials and tribulations.

Despite her demanding schedule, Guthrie undertook the writing process with remarkable efficiency, adhering to a journalist’s swift timetable. Remarkably, her publisher’s initially projected timeline of two years was condensed, with “Mostly What God Does” hitting the shelves in less than a year—a testament to Guthrie’s commitment to her craft and her aversion to lingering projects.

Guthrie’s narrative is underscored by a central theme: the overwhelming nature of God’s love. Throughout the memoir, she reflects on the profound impact of divine love in her life, affirming that above all else, it is love that defines her spiritual journey. With sincerity and compassion, Guthrie extends a gentle reminder to readers that amidst life’s uncertainties, they are embraced by a love that knows no bounds.

As Guthrie embarks on her book tour, “Mostly What God Does” promises to resonate with readers seeking solace, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of faith. Through her unfiltered storytelling, Guthrie invites individuals from all walks of life to explore the transformative power of faith and embrace the boundless love that defines their spiritual journeys.

In essence, Savannah Guthrie’s memoir serves as a beacon of hope and reassurance, reminding readers of the enduring presence of divine love in their lives, urging them to embrace their own spiritual odyssey with courage and authenticity. “Mostly What God Does” stands as a poignant testament to the enduring power of faith and the unwavering love that sustains us all.

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