President Biden Will host Japanese Prime Minister Kishida for talks on Some Important Issues.

The U.S. administration announced on Tuesday that President Joe Biden going to host Japanese Prime Minister Kishida next month at the White House for Economic and security consultations.

According to Karine Jean Pierre, secretary of White House Press, 13 January meeting will include discussion of

  • Nuclear and Ballistic missile Programs of North Korea, amid the threat of another nuclear test by North Korea
  • Economics Issues
  • Russia Ukraine war
  • Climate changes and stability around the Taiwan Strait.

President Biden will reaffirm his full support for Japan’s recently unveiled National Security Strategy, its G7 chairmanship, and its term as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, according to Jean-Pierre. The leaders “will celebrate the U.S.-Japan Alliance’s exceptional strength and will chart the direction for their cooperation in the coming year.”

The two leaders last met in Bali, Indonesia, during November’s Group of 20 summits.

Is Japan Dependent on the U.S.?

Japan is a sovereign nation and does not depend on the United States. However, the two countries have a close relationship and Japan has relied on the United States for its defense since the end of World War II.

The United States is committed to defending Japan and has stationed military personnel and equipment in the country as part of the U.S.-Japan security alliance. Additionally, the United States and Japan have a strong economic relationship, with the United States being one of Japan’s largest trading partners.

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