NFL Draft – Why the Houston Texans May Skip Drafting a Quarterback in Round 1

As the NFL Draft approaches, rumors abound that the Houston Texans may not select a quarterback in the first round, despite owning two top-12 picks. This is a surprising development, as it was previously assumed that the Texans would use their No. 2 overall pick to secure a top quarterback prospect.

However, recent reports suggest that the Texans’ preferred quarterback, Bryce Young from Alabama, is likely to be taken by the Carolina Panthers with the first overall pick. As a result, the Texans may be reconsidering their strategy and looking to fill other areas of need instead of taking a quarterback.

There are several possible reasons for this shift in strategy. One is that the Texans simply did not love any of the other quarterback prospects available in this year’s draft. With a new coaching staff in place, they may not want to take a chance on a quarterback they don’t feel completely comfortable with.

Another possibility is that the coaching staff believes they can find undervalued prospects using the S-2 cognition test. This test has been used by the San Francisco 49ers, where new Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans and offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik previously worked. The Texans may feel that they can find a successful quarterback outside of the top of the draft.

It’s also possible that the Texans are considering other quarterbacks that may be available via trade, such as Trey Lance, Lamar Jackson, Ryan Tannehill, or Kirk Cousins. While these may not be ideal options, the Texans may feel that they can find success with one of these quarterbacks.

Finally, the Texans may be looking ahead to next year’s quarterback class, which is rumored to be stronger than this year’s class. However, it’s impossible to predict with certainty how next year’s draft will play out, and the Texans may not have the opportunity to select a top quarterback next year.

In any case, the Texans’ decision not to select a quarterback in the first round would be a surprise to many NFL analysts and fans. It remains to be seen how the Texans will ultimately approach the draft, but one thing is clear: they have a lot to consider as they try to rebuild their team.

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