Indian PM Modi and Bill Gates Discussed AI uses in People’s Life and What precaution Needed.

PM Narendra Modi and Bill Gates Interact, Narendra Modi believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Play an Important role in three sectors i.e. Health, Agriculture, and Education, and highlighted their Govt. efforts. Modi said he used to hear the digital divide in the world but don’t allow that in India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Microsoft Co-founder and Philanthropist Bill Gates met in New Delhi and Discussed on AI, agriculture, Environment, Green GDP, Innovations, etc. what we learned from this Article.

PM Modi talks about How AI can be used in Everyday Life, he humorously remarking on a Child, How Indian children know Aai (In some states of India Usually in Maharastra Children call his mother Aai ) to AI, that show the significance of AI in Indian Society.

Further, they discussed India’s Strategic focus on AI, PM Modi talk about his India AI mission with the Substantial Budget allocation. This mission aims to foster a robust AI ecosystem through innovation and strategic partnership.

Bill Gates Said India Hosting the G20 showed the way for digital innovation and said Our Foundation (Gates Foundation) is excited about the positive result that India has achieved.

he said you are right, he said when he attend the G20 in Indonasia , every country is curious to know that how did India brings digital revolution? we explained them that we have democratized technology in India, to stop monopolies in the sector. this for the use of public so that they have faith on technology.

Bill Gates Ask What are the Technological Advancements you are most excited about?

Modi Said: Health, Agriculture and Education. India has built 2 lakh Ayushman Arogya Mandir health centers in villages reconnecting those centers with modern technology so they can interact with the best doctors.

Further, he focuses on Education and How he is interested in providing a good education to children of the country. and want to fill the gap of good teaching with technology.

He also discussed Agriculture and how India is excelling in the sector and introducing innovative ways to promote the production and betterment of the people, he highlighted their initiative towards the Namo Drone Didi Program, which aims to focus on empowering the women of the village to earn their livelihood through use of drone in agriculture. in this program, they teach the women drone piloting skills to make them economically independent.

He also shows his concern about AI’s deep fake, which can cause harm and mislead things in society, suggests a solution that all AI-generated images, videos, or other things should have a watermark that shows that particular thing is AI-generated.

He also suggested that people can not use AI tools like chatbot and ChatGPT for their laziness, they should try to far beyond AI tools people have to compete with them and use them in their self-improvement.

You can listen to the full interview here:

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