Hera Pheri 3 Director Controversy: Fans Demand Removal of Farhad Samji.

The upcoming comedy film, “Hera Pheri 3,” has been mired in controversy ever since its original director, Priyadarshan, and lead actor Kartik Aaryan left the project due to creative differences.

Farhad Samji took over the project, but fans of Akshay Kumar, one of the film’s stars, have expressed their dissatisfaction with Samji’s appointment.

The backlash has been so intense that the hashtag #RemoveFarhadSamjiFromHeraPheri3 has trended on Twitter, with over 30,000 tweets demanding Priyadarshan’s return as the director.

What is the Hera Pheri franchise?

The Hera Pheri franchise is a beloved Indian comedy film series that started with the release of the first film, Hera Pheri, in 2000.

The film starred Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal as three friends who get involved in a money-making scheme. The film was a critical and commercial success and has since gained a cult following.

Why are fans unhappy with Farhad Samji’s appointment?

Hera Pheri 3 Director Controversy
Hera Pheri 3 Director Controversy

Farhad Samji is a well-known writer and director in Bollywood, having written and directed several successful films. However, fans of the Hera Pheri franchise are unhappy with his appointment as the director of the third installment.

The main reason for their dissatisfaction is Samji’s previous film, “Bachchan Paandey,” which failed to impress both critics and audiences alike. Fans are concerned that Samji may not be able to do justice to the beloved franchise.

What is the #RemoveFarhadSamjiFromHeraPheri3 hashtag?

The #RemoveFarhadSamjiFromHeraPheri3 hashtag is a social media campaign started by fans of the Hera Pheri franchise. The hashtag trended on Twitter with over 30,000 tweets demanding the removal of Farhad Samji as the director of the film. Fans are calling for the return of Priyadarshan, the original director of the first film in the series.

How are fans expressing their displeasure?

Fans have expressed their displeasure with Farhad Samji’s appointment in various ways. One fan wrote an open letter to Akshay Kumar, expressing their disappointment and asking him to intervene.

Fans have flooded social media with memes featuring Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal from the earlier films. Some fans have even threatened to boycott the film if their demands are not met.

What is Suniel Shetty’s response to the controversy?

Suniel Shetty, who plays one of the lead roles in Hera Pheri 3, has expressed his enthusiasm for the project and praised the script. He has urged fans to wait for the film’s release before passing judgment.

Shetty has also stated that he trusts the filmmakers to make the right decisions for the film.

Will the filmmakers take fans’ concerns into account?

It remains to be seen if the filmmakers will take fans’ concerns into account and make any changes. While the backlash has been intense, it is unclear if it will have any impact on the film’s production.

Fans will have to wait and see if Priyadarshan is brought back as the director or if Farhad Samji continues to helm the project.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the upcoming film “Hera Pheri 3” has highlighted the importance of directors and their impact on the success of a film.

While some fans are unhappy with Farhad Samji’s appointment as the director of the film, others are eagerly anticipating its release. Ultimately, it is up to the filmmakers to make the right decisions for the film.

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