Can NFL Players Be Drafted From High School?

Yes, high school graduates can be selected in the NFL draft. However, in order to be eligible for the draft, players must have graduated from high school at least three years before to the start of the following college football season and must have used all of their collegiate eligibility.

Players who are still in school or who haven’t used up all of their collegiate eligibility can ask the league for permission to enter the draft early. Only the year following the conclusion of a player’s college eligibility are players eligible for the draft.

In 2005, the NFL implemented a rule stating that athletes cannot declare for the draft until three years had passed after they graduated from high school. To prevent players from being selected too early and unable to hone their skills, the rule was implemented.

The NFL has considered amending the rule to permit high school graduates to participate in the draft, but they have not yet made a choice.

Why does the NFL require players to wait 3 years after graduating high school to be drafted? Conversely, why does the MLB and NBA draft players straight from high school?

Because they want to make sure that the athlete is mature enough and has had enough time to grow, the NFL mandates that players wait three years after graduating from high school before being drafted. The MLB and NBA, in contrast, simply need athletes to wait one year following high school graduation before being drafted.

Because they want their players to spend as much time as possible in the minor leagues before being promoted to a major league team, the MLB and NBA only require players to wait one year after graduating from high school before being drafted. They have more chances to succeed and more possibilities to make progress as a result.

When Did The NFL 3-Year Rule Start?

In 1995, the NFL’s three-year rule was established. A player cannot enter the NFL draft until they have graduated from high school and have been out of school for three years, according to the rule. The “NFL Draft Entry Rule” or “NFL Age Limit Rule” are other names for this regulation.

For college players who had completed a four-year degree and had been out of high school for three years, the NFL added an exception to this rule in 1998.

How to be drafted into the NFL?

To be Drafted into the NFL You have to follow the following steps:-

  • Before submitting an application for the draft, play collegiate football for a while. According to the NFL, aspiring draftees must have completed high school at least three years prior to participating in the draft. Build an athletic resume during your college football career to get the attention of NFL coaches. 
    • When you are in your final year of college, if you do not play college football, you should register for the draft.
    • Your draft eligibility only lasts for the year after you graduate from college (or if four football seasons have passed since you graduated high school).
  • Make a declaration for the NFL Regional Combine. Register for the draft once three years have passed since your high school graduation. The first step is to sign up for the Regional Starting Combines, where you’ll test your skills against college football players and other trainees. The NFL requests that only individuals with a high degree of talent register, even though anyone can apply.
    • During the athletic drills and measures, you might get a call inviting you to try out at the National Combine if you attract a scout’s attention.
  • Attend the National Combine for the NFL. In contrast to regionals, only about 335 players are invited to try out each year in nationals. You have the opportunity to compare your performance to that of the finest competitors in exercises like the 40-yard dash, bench press, and vertical jump. Around 250 athletes will advance from here to the NFL draft. 
    • You will have medical exams to assess your physical, mental, and emotional well-being after your physical assessment.
  • Introducing the NFL Draft. Football scouts will compare you to other players throughout the draft based on in-depth medical and physical evaluations. There are seven rounds in the draft where professional football teams select their new players. You can also network with staff members and haggle for a position on a team’s training roster during the draft.
  • If you don’t get selected, submit an application for the supplemental draft in July. For people whose eligibility has altered since the draft, there will be a supplemental draft. Players are up for bid, and the team with the highest offer wins the player. The supplemental drafts are optional for professional clubs, but you never know which coaches and scouts might go.
    • Even if you are still ineligible for the NFL, all hope is not lost. The NFL Transition Assistance Program offers assistance to college athletes as they adjust to life beyond football.

How hard is it to get drafted into the NFL?

In the United States, there are 1,093,234 high school football players. Of those, 71,060 (6.5%) will play in college. Only 1.2% of college-level players will be selected in the NFL draft, making the drop-off between college and the pros even more pronounced.

Only 1 in 1,282 high school football players will be selected, to take this a step further. The average high school football player has a 50% chance of never even playing with or against a future pro throughout an entire season, given that the average high school football season lasts roughly 10 weeks (excluding the playoffs) and there are 50–60 players per squad.

How do you get invited to the NFL draft?

The Player Selection Committee consults with all 32 NFL teams to obtain their opinions on draft-eligible athletes before choosing the participants for each season.

The group comprises the directors of the National and BLESTO scouting agencies, who collectively represent 28 NFL teams and representatives from various NFL player personnel departments. The NFL executives who agree to participate may do so anonymously and on a yearly basis.

The committee members evaluate and cast their votes on all qualified players. The invitation is then granted to any athlete who receives the required amount of votes, according to the position. The committee’s objective is to invite every player who will be selected in the upcoming NFL Draft, despite the fact that it is not an exact science.

Can anyone try out for NFL?

Yes, anyone tries out or applies but the NFL requests that only individuals with a high degree of talent register. During the athletic drills and measures, you might get a call inviting you to try out at the National Combine if you attract a scout’s attention.

What’s the youngest you can join the NFL?

Professional football players do not have to be a certain age to play, but the NFL requires that you have been out of high school for at least three years in order to be eligible. If you graduate from high school at the age of 17, you must wait until you are 20 to sign with the NFL.

Can an NFL Draft pick refuse a team?

The athlete will, in theory, have the option of holding out and re-entering the draft the next year if he genuinely does not want to play for the team that selected him. However, choosing this course would stigmatize him as having a bad attitude in the eyes of other prospective employers and cost the NFL aspirant a year’s income.

Bo Jackson chose this path when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected him first overall in the 1986 Draft. He decided to hold out rather than sign with the Buccaneers and spent a year playing baseball for the Kansas City Royals. He was selected by the Los Angeles Raiders in the seventh round of the 1987 NFL Draft and went on to play both football and baseball.

The other option is to decline to join the team that made the selection and request a trade, as John Elway famously did in 1983 after being selected by the Baltimore Colts. He was adamant that he would not participate in this situation, so Baltimore contacted the Denver Broncos, where he signed and contributed to the team’s two Super Bowl victories.

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