Animated ‘JURASSIC LEAGUE’ movie is in the works at DC

By: Nitin Singh

Introduction to the surprising development of a Jurassic League animated movie at DC Studios, led by James Gunn and Peter Safran. 

Details on the creative team, including writer Brian Lynch and the inspiration behind the project from Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon's miniseries. 

Synopsis of the Jurassic League concept, featuring a team of dinosaur superheroes defending Earth against Darkseid. 

Overview of the team's members, such as Wonderdon, Batsaur, and Brachiosaurus-Supersaur, alongside other iconic DC heroes with prehistoric twists. 

Speculation on whether the movie will be part of the DC Universe canon or an Elseworlds story, considering its unique premise. 

Discussion on James Gunn's vision for expanding the DCU across various media formats and the potential impact of the Jurassic League on the existing lineup. 

while details surrounding the Jurassic League animated movie are still murky, its potential to expand the creative boundaries of the DC Universe is undeniable. Whether it joins the ranks of canonical DCU stories or carves out its own niche in the Elseworlds multiverse remains to be seen.