Unbelievable Celtics Takeover: The Jays Shine, Brown's Efficiency, and Balanced Scoring Prevail

By: Babita Singh


The Dallas Mavericks briefly closed in on the Boston Celtics early in the third quarter before the Celtics quickly regained an eight-point lead, securing a decisive win. 

The duo known as "The Jays" initiated a scoring spree for the Celtics, hitting consecutive 3-pointers within 25 seconds, reinstating an eight-point lead with 5:03 left in the third quarter. 

Jason Kidd attempted to halt the Celtics' momentum with a timeout, but it proved ineffective, and the Celtics extended their lead to 13 within just 3:18 of play. 

By the 9:37 mark of the fourth quarter, the Boston Celtics had surged ahead by 17 points, ultimately reaching a lead of 28, which became the final margin of victory. 

Despite Jayson Tatum's impressive 32-point performance, Jaylen Brown was named the key player of the night for his efficient shooting, perfect ball handling, and impactful all-around contributions. 

In less than 31 minutes of play, Jaylen Brown's 11-for-20 shooting at a 55 percent clip, along with five assists, seven rebounds, and a steal, significantly contributed to the Celtics' success. 

Derrick White led the Celtics with eight assists, while Jrue Holiday closely followed with seven, showcasing their playmaking skills in the game. 

The Celtics' balanced scoring was evident, with all five starters contributing between 11 and 32 points, led by Jayson Tatum, and the team collectively amassing 33 assists compared to Dallas' 20.