MLB Rumors: Angels Pose Serious Threat in Cody Bellinger Sweepstakes 

By: Nitin Singh

In a surprising twist, the Chicago Cubs' anticipated reunion with Cody Bellinger faces a formidable challenge from the Los Angeles Angels, adding intrigue to the slugger's free agency saga. 

Major League Baseball insiders have long speculated about Bellinger's return to the Cubs, but recent developments suggest the Angels are aggressively pursuing the former MVP. 

USA TODAY Sports predictions align with Bellinger heading back to Chicago on a short-term deal.

However, Scott Boeck's noteworthy comment implies Bellinger's interest in a potential return to Los Angeles, where he began his MLB career.  

Dodger Talk host David Vassegh reveals insider information, indicating the Angels' genuine interest in adding Bellinger to their roster. 

While many assume a Cubs reunion is inevitable, the Angels are actively engaging with Scott Boras, Bellinger's agent, raising questions about the slugger's final destination.  

As the offseason unfolds, the once-assumed certainty of Bellinger's return to Chicago now hangs in the balance, injecting unpredictability into the upcoming MLB season.