Madame Web: A Bewildering Comic Movie Review 

By: Babita Singh

The movie's failure is linked to the inability to explain the powers and weaknesses of heroes and villains coherently. 

Madame Web begins with a bizarre and offbeat start, drawing initial cheers but ultimately falling short of expectations. 

Cassie Webb, the protagonist, develops strange visions of the future, showcasing her journey from an ambulance driver to an astral projector. 

Ezekiel Sims, the antagonist, lacks a clear and understandable motivation throughout the film, leaving viewers perplexed. 

The film fails to provide insight into Ezekiel's life, leaving unanswered questions about his transformation, wealth, and intentions. 

The lack of a compelling villain motivation diminishes the overall impact of Madame Web, an essential element for a satisfactory comic book movie. 

Despite the potential for an extravagantly goofy experience, the movie descends into the familiar territory of dark CGI and poorly executed action scenes. 

Madame Web ends up being a combination of bad, boring, and confusing, with a narrative that fails to engage viewers and lacks coherence.