What was the Reason Behind Donald Trump Inviting People to Mar-a-lago?

Donald Trump has invited group of supporters on multiple occasions into his Mar-a-Lago Estate.
In 2017, He invited a handful of loyal fans behind the his Palm Beach Estate, Including his German-born U.S. Citizen Superfan, Jennifer Eady

In 2023, after pleading not a guilty to 34 felony counts, Trump addresed his supporters and fans at Mar-a-Lago.

More recently in 2024, Donald Trump surprised his supporters by inviting them to visit the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. This invitation occurred on the very busy weekend on his property where Donald Trump personally welcomed their supporters by waving his hand at his motorcade. One of his long-time supporters Valeria Bianco shared his experience of Mar-a-Lago after Trump’s waving at the motorcade on Bingham Island.
she mentioned how they were taken to the ballroom where they met the former president.

A former New Hampshire state Representative Al Baldasaro who is also a prominent trump supporter shared the picture of himself with friends at the club after being personally invited by the Trump.

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