YouTuber Essentially, Homeless created a toilet PC.

it's a PC that can run games like CS-GO while also functioning as a toilet. The flush is effective.

The PC is outfitted with a 3060 RTX from Micro Center, which also supplied every other component except the toilet.

The fan is mounted to the toilet tank lid.

The remaining PC components are kept in a (barely) closed off area in the toilet tank, right next to the toilet's water.

The first leak test did not go well, but the second test went well with enough flex seal.

The water did not reach the PC components, and Basically Homeless was able to play an FPS game on the toilet PC.

Basically Homeless, on the other hand, has a history of building PCs in unusual household items, such as a fridge PC and a toaster PC.

This combined toilet/PC is a true innovation in terms of computers.

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