World Refugee Day is observed every year on 20th June across the globe.

The people who have been forced to migrate from their country because of violence, persecution, political or religious reasons, not enough food, war, etc, are termed as Refugees.

As per UNHCR, the theme for this year is Right to seek safety.'

World Refugee Day 2022 Theme

In 2001, Wold Refugee day was celebrated for the first time on the 50th Anniversary of the 1951 Refugee convention.

Cause of the Refugee crisis

- Persecution - Direct or indirect War - Climate Change - Human right  Violation - Poverty and Unemployment - Gender and Sexual Orientation

Impact of Refugee crises

1. Human right Violation 2. Human Trafficking 3. Identity Crisis 4. Threat to National Security (Terrorism) 5. Political instability 6. Increase in population. 7. Anarchy

India has neither signed the Refugee Convention 1951 nor the Protocol to the Refugee Convention 1967.

Matters related to the Refugee Crisis in India

– Refugees after the partition of India – Tibetan Refugee. – Bangladeshi Refugee. – Afghanistan Refugee – Srilankan Tamil Refugee – Rohingya Refugee – Chakma and Hajong Refugee.