Why Good Friday is celebrated ?

By Babita Singh 


A significant day in the Christian calendar is Good Friday. In various Christian traditions, it is also referred to as Holy Friday, Great Friday, or Black Friday.

The Friday just before Easter Sunday is referred as "Good Friday." It honours the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the child of God, and his demise at Calvary.

it is written in the bible that on Thursday evening, Jesus christ was deceived by one of his disciples named Judas Iscariot, and was taken into custody by the Roman authorities.

He was brought to to Jewish authorities who convicted him of blasphemy, and theere after, he was brought to the Roman ruler named Pontius Pilate, who punished jesus by crucifixion.

Jesus was assaulted and his clothes were ripped off and then forced to carry his own cross to the place of his execution.

He was then hanged on cross and left to die. After three hours on the cross, Jesus expired, and his body was removed to be buried in a tomb.

Good Friday is significant because of the faith that Jesus' death and resurrection provide believers with salvation and sin-forgiveness.

Christian observes this day as solemn day of grief because on this day as the remembrance of the sacrifices that Jesus made for their redemption. 

On Good Friday, many Christian communities celebrate it by fasting, praying, and going to church.