focus on Black Adam hurt the DCEU. 

Dwayne Johnson's 

By: Nitin Singh


Dwayne Johnson's ego and self-absorption were factors in the failures of both Black Adam and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Johnson was reportedly insistent on promoting his own character, Black Adam, at the expense of the DCEU franchise as a whole.

 His ego-driven behavior led to creative conflicts with the studio and the sidelining of other beloved DC characters.

 Johnson's focus on his personal brand and social media presence meant that he neglected to collaborate with other actors and filmmakers, leading to a disjointed final product.

His insistence on prioritizing Black Adam led to the character's solo movie being delayed repeatedly, causing scheduling conflicts and further production delays for other films in the franchise.

 His lack of involvement in the development of Black Adam meant that he wasn't able to provide crucial guidance and input on the film.

This resulted in a subpar movie that failed to resonate with audiences and critics alike.

 All parties involved in the DCEU must be willing to collaborate and put the success of the franchise above their own egos.

Johnson may need to reevaluate his priorities and take a step back from promoting his own brand in order to help the franchise recover from its recent missteps.