Due to continuous increase in the monkeypox cases, WHO declares it as health emergency as global concern.

The outbreak is expanding in more than 70 nations creating an alarming situation .

Just like covid-19, monkeypox is also of great concern world wide.

Monkeypox is an infectious viral disease that can effect both humans  and some animals.

Fever, enlarged lymph nodes, and a rash that develops blisters before crusting over are all symptoms.

Monkeypox is more difficult to spread,necessitates intimate skin contact with fluid and lesions.

Dirty beddings and soiled surfaces are at risk. Respiratory droplets can spread rarely.

Monkeypox was initially identified as a distinct illness among laboratories monkey in copenhegan, Denmark in 1958.

Three cases of monkeypox, all reported in Kerala, have been verified in India.

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