"Westworld" returns, highlighting a few recognizable countenances in new jobs, while broadening parts of a third season that imaginatively cruised out of control.

While there is without a doubt canny life out there anxious to see where this goes, as of now it's not such a lot of an issue of not having the option to follow the series through its tangled labyrinth as just not feeling as though it merits the energy to attempt.

Looking all the more prominently cutting edge in its plan (a result of having gotten away from the first carnival for grown-ups setting), the HBO show actually brags a variety of great entertainers, expanded by James Marsden returning and Oscar victor Ariana DeBose and Daniel Wu among the new increments.

Yet again, however, they're to a great extent working on equal tracks, yielding irregular demonstrations of savagery without many obvious signs regarding where this train is going.

The most encouraging string includes the rebel A.I. Maeve (Thandiwe Newton), who reunites with Caleb (Aaron Paul), taking off on a mission together.

Their way crosses with the despicable and savage William (Ed Harris) as he seeks after his own shadowy plan,

Stalwarts like Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright are additionally back ready, yet through four episodes it's difficult to make a big deal about their storylines, which just feeds the feeling that "Westworld" is developed as about three projects in one.

Concerning how the makers will unite everything crashing, anything generosity and trust they produced in the past has for the most part dissipated,

making less confidence that they're playing six-layered chess and more doubt that they're spending a ton of HBO's cash on an intricate jigsaw puzzle.

Given "Westworld's" underlying praise in turning Michael Crichton's unique idea on its head and driving the crowd to see the double-dealing of these engineered creatures through their eyes,

the series is too high-profile a property to be totally disregarded. In any case, having obediently endured half of this eight-episode season,

the feeling that the pieces can be agreeably assembled, essentially for the people who were distrustful going on, feels asked and replied.