The four-year delivery collaboration between Walmart Inc. and DoorDash Inc. is coming to an end.

Walmart is an American multinational rretail company that runs a chain of grocery stores, discount department stores, and hypermarkets.

DoorDash is an American company that runs an online food ordering and delivery.

Walmart announced in an email on Friday that “We have agreed to part ways".

“Walmart also said  "We’d like to thank DoorDash for their partnership and support of our customers the past several years.”

The multinational retailer promised to keep collaborating with "different providers" "to bring delivery to our consumers," it stated.

Walmart's platform for self-employed drivers, called Spark is capable of serving 84% of US households with 7,000 pickup points has now become its largest delivery provider.

Walmart started to work together with Doordash in 2018 with a test in Atlanta.

DoorDash notified Walmart earlier this month that the partnership would terminate in September because it "was no longer mutually beneficial."

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